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She Ji Publishing Platform is an academic publication team at the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. We believe that distribution of cutting-edge design knowledge should not be confined within the academic communities. For design to achieve a greater social and economic impact on the real world, we are devoted to making such knowledge accessible and attractive to a larger audience.  


Among our various activities, She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation sits at the core. She Ji is an open-access, peer-reviewed, inter-disciplinary design journal. It focuses on economics and innovation, design process and design thinking. Our mission is to enable design innovation in industry, business, non-profit services, and government through economic and social value creation. The journal is owned by Tongji University and published in cooperation with Elsevier. The first issue of She Ji appeared in September 2015.


In addition, the platform is working on a variety of publication projects and events ranging from books, anthologies, translated books, conference proceedings to newsletters, academic conference, writing workshop and so on. It is our aim to foster an academic publishing ecosystem that centers around She Ji.


About She Ji

In Chinese, “shè jì” is the term for design. It is a word consisting of two characters, “shè” and “jì.” “Shè” means set-up or planning. “Jì” means strategy or calculating. Putting these two characters together, “shè jì” means to “establish a strategy.”


The product of “shè jì” (design) is “jì” (a strategy, solution, or plan). “Jì” contains the concept of “goal setting” and the concept of “process guiding.” It requires planning and calculation.


The Chinese concept of “shè jì” extends the application field of design. It is aligned with the growth of design fields today, embracing such approaches as social design, system design, and strategic design. For us, the concept of “shè jì” offers an approach to design, economics, and innovation that is built on a meeting point between East and West.


Our publications include:



She Ji: The Journal of Design Economics, and Innovation (hosted online by Elsevier).



Ma, Jin, Davide Fassi, and Yongqi Lou, eds. Emerging Practices: Inquiry into the Developing. Shanghai: Tongji University Press, 2015.


Ma, Jin, and Yongqi Lou, eds. Emerging Practices: Practices, Values, and Approaches in Design, Beijing, China: China Architecture & Buildings Press, 2014.







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