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Design may be one of the best majors in the world!
It is one of the few majors that can integrate interest with work: immersion in the fascinating joy of creation is rewarding for your whole life.
It is an optimistic and forward-looking major: thanks to designing, many problems can be solved or improved, and thanks to designing our life becomes more entertaining.
Most importantly, it links individual potential for creation with the possible changes of this world: the slogan “to create for a better world” fills design with a great sense of mission.
Choosing design is actually choosing a lifestyle.
The College of Design and Innovation provides a home for those who make such a choice.

All the members of the college resolve to pursue academic excellence and contribute to the social development for China as well as the world with their wisdom and unremitting efforts; meanwhile they can enjoy independent thinking, free creating, equal sharing and mutual progressing.

With the passage of time, you will realize the fact that designing is a two-edged sword; not only contributing to the society, but also bringing about problems. Therefore, what is crucial is how you steer design, a tool with catalytic effect.

Learning design at Tongji University with dreams and a sense of mission, you will have to be optimistic and persistent in making good and right designs.

Believe in yourself and be convinced that you are creating a different life!



Pro. LOU Yongqi

Vice President of Tongji University

Dean of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University (from June 2013 to April 2022)




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