2019环同济设计周 | 讲座 | 为地球和星辰而设计

Time / 时间
Saturday, October 12th,13:30 – 15:00

地点 / Venue



Aquarium Lecture Hall,
D&I Tongji University
No.281 Fuxin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

演讲题目 / Topic

Design for Earth and Space


摘要 / Abstract


  • 哪些才是确保人类文明可持续性所需要采取的变革性举措?

  • 大数据和人工智能如何加速刚刚起步的全球可持续性革命?

  • 我们在太空和极端环境中的工作是如何对我们的研究产生助益的?

The United Nations has recognized repeatedly that we need to make transformative changes to cope with climate change, ocean degradation, biodiversity loss and other global threats.

  • Which are the transformative actionsneeded to assure the sustainability of human civilization?
  • How Big Data and AI can accelerate the global sustainability revolution just starting?
  • How our work in Space and extreme environments is contributing to our research.

 主讲人 / Speakers


  • 达瓦·纽曼(Dava Newman),阿波罗计划航天学教授,美国麻省理工学院,美国宇航局Nasa前副署长。

    Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), NASA Deputy Administrator from 2015–2017.

  • 吉列尔莫·特罗蒂(Guillermo Trotti),特罗蒂公司总裁,聚焦于太空住所领域的建筑师与设计师。

    President of Trotti&Associates, Architect and Designer specialized in Habitat for Space.

达瓦·纽曼教授是麻省理工学院(MIT)的阿波罗计划航天学教授,同时也是哈佛·麻省理工学院健康,科学和技术协会成员。她在多学科航空生物医学工程领域的研究关注重力范围内的人类行为,包括宇航服,生命支持和宇航员的表现。纽曼是4个航天飞行任务的首席研究员。她所研发的第二层皮肤BioSuit™行星太空服闻名于世,已应用于“柔性服装”中,以提高人们在地球上的运动能力。她的BioSuit™已在威尼斯双年展,美国自然历史博物馆,维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆以及大都会艺术博物馆展出。她与Gui Trotti所做的最新研究包括Earth Speaks™,这是一个经过整理的空间数据的开源平台,该平台应用AI来帮助加快行动和解决方案,从而帮助再生地球的海洋,土地和气候。纽曼是《互动航空工程与设计》的作者,现已有300多种出版物。达瓦·纽曼(Dava Newman)博士从2015年至2017年担任NASA副局长,负责梳理机构愿景,提供领导和政策指导,并代表NASA与白宫,国会,国际空间机构和工业界连接。纽曼博士是担任此职务的第一位女工程师和科学家,并获得了NASA杰出服务奖章。

Professor Dava Newman is the Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) and a Harvard–MIT Health, Sciences, and Technology faculty member. Her research in multidisciplinary aerospace biomedical engineering investigates human performance across the spectrum of gravity, including space suits, life support and astronaut performance. Newman has been the principal investigator on 4 spaceflight missions. Known for her second skin BioSuit™ planetary spacesuit, her inventions are now being applied to“soft suits”to enhance locomotion on Earth. Her BioSuit™ has been exhibited at the Venice Biennial, American Museum of Natural History, Victoria and Albert and Museum, and Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her latest research with Gui Trotti includes Earth Speaks™ – an open source platform of curated space data that applies AI to help accelerate actions and solutions to help regenerate Earth’s oceans, land and climate. Newman is the author of Interactive Aerospace Engineering and Design and has >300 publications. Dr.Dava Newman served as NASA Deputy Administrator from 2015–2017, and was responsible for articulating the agency's vision, providing leadership and policy direction, and representing NASA to the White House, Congress, international space agencies, and industry. Dr. Newman was the first female engineer and scientist to serve in this roleand was awarded the NASA Distinguished Service Medal.

吉列尔莫是Trotti and Associates公司(的总裁,公司成立于1993年。他是国际公认的建筑师和工业设计师,在设计太空栖息地和结构以及各种建筑项目方面经验丰富。吉列尔莫在为NASA和航空航天公司设计国际空间站的要素方面发挥了关键作用。Trottistudio与NASA合作研究了革命性的任务架构概念,以可居住的漫游者探索月球,为人类和机器探索月球提出了革命性的方法。Trottistudio还与麻省理工学院合作开展了生物套装项目,这是一种用于月球和火星表面探测的先进机械反压太空服。他还是总部位于马萨诸塞州剑桥市的非营利组织EarthDNA的总裁兼联合创始人。EarthDNA的使命是设计人与地球之间的健康关系,以确保人类和地球上所有生命的可持续性。EarthDNA的愿景是在整个十年内,让人们与精心设计的AI操作平台进行交互,使每个人每天都能采取行动,为治愈太空飞船作出努力。EarthDNA旨在为社会的个体和领导者,政府,企业和消费者,提供信息,转变机会和促进行动。Trotti先生在休斯敦大学和罗德岛设计学院都拥有25年以上的建筑和工业设计教学经验。

Guillermo is the president of Trotti and Associates, Inc. (, a firm founded in 1993. He is an internationally recognized architect and industrial designer with experience designing space habitats and structures, and diverse architecture projects. Guillermo had a key role in designing elements of the ISS for NASA and aerospace companies. Trottistudio has worked with NASA on revolutionary mission architecture concepts to explore the Moon with habitable rovers, proposing a revolutionary way for humans and machines to explore the Moon. Trottistudio is also working with MIT on the Biosuit project, an advanced mechanical counter-pressure spacesuit for Lunar and Mars surface exploration.

He is also president and co-founder of Earth DNA, a nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, MA. EarthDNA’s mission is to design a healthy relationship between people, and the Earth to assure the sustainability of humanity and all living things on our home planet. EarthDNA’s vision is to empower every person to act every day to heal spaceship Earth within one decade by interacting with a curated AI operating platform. Earth DNA seeks to inform, transform, and accelerate actions from individuals to leaders at every level of society, government, business, and consumers worldwide. Mr. Trotti has more than 25 years experience teaching design in architecture and industrial design at the University of Houston and at the Rhode Island School of design, respectively. 


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