Ergonomics Design Research Lab

Supervisor: Long Liu, associate professor, member of the Management Ergonomics Association of China Ergonomics Society, email address:

Lab Introduction: The Ergonomics Lab aims to study human factors in design, and provides data on physiology and cognitive psychology to achieve a functional design in line with the characteristics of the users. It also provides effective design support in processing more implied and complex human factors, such as emotion, organization, and lifestyle changes.

Major Research Directions: Research on the Basic Theory of Human-centered Design, Research on Human Errors and Safety Design, Research on Human Factors in Medical and Transportation System Design 


Existing Research Projects:

1.       Analysis and Research on Driving Behavior of Chinese Drivers 

2.       Research on the Design Safety of Medical Equipment and User Experience Design 

3.       Research on Ergonomic Design in Writing Instruments for Posture Correction 



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