Design Art Research Center of Tongji University

Center Director: Jiayang Lin, professor, Vice chairman of Teaching Guidance Committee of Design Major of Colleges and Universities of Ministry of Education, Executive Director of China Industrial Design Association, Leading Master of "Master Design House of Shanghai" in 2004, Vice President of Beijing Culture and Creativity Promotion Association, email address:

Center Introduction: TheArt & Design Research Center of Tongji University was founded in 2002. It gathers top Chinese and international creative design talents for the construction of a systematic industry-university-research entity. It is China's most powerful and influential service institution in the comprehensive cultural and creative industry and was named one of the top ten "Master Design Houses of Shanghai" in December 2004 by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

Major Research Directions:

Cultural and Creative Industry Planning, City and Enterprise Image Design, Research on Design Education


Existing Research Projects:

1. National Curriculum Construction and Exemplary Teaching Materials Development for the Design of Colleges and Universities

2. Construction of the Second Classroom for Design Education Reform - National Design "Master Award", National Design "Master Class", National College Students "Mobile Creative Camp"

3. Connection between Resources from Colleges and Universities and Society Demands, Cultivation Research on the Connection between College Students' Cultural Creativity and Industry

4. Consultation and Guidance on Domestic and Foreign Design Education

5. Image Planning for City and Enterprise, Design and Industrialization Service


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