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Interaction Design

      1. Introduction

     The Master’s degree program of Interaction Design focuses on exploring, conceptualising and designing for user-product interactions. Students learn the nature of the interactions results from an interplay between user research, analysis and design practices, in relation to the personal and social context of interaction.

    2. Periods of Stud

   The schooling period is 3 years, including 1.5-2 years of courses, and no less than 1 year of graduation design work.The maximum length of study in school is not more than 5 year.

     3. Coursework Requirements

     Interaction design direction should have at least 34 total credits, including no less than 5 credits for public degree courses, no less than 14 credits for professional degree courses (including 2 credits for public degree courses), and no less than 12 credits for non-degree courses (including public non-degree courses2 credits for degree courses) and no less than 3 credits for compulsory links.

      4. Curriculum

Curriculum for 2019 Master students in Interaction Design



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