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Advanced Environmental Design

     1. Introduction

   This program is committed to creating and facilitating a sustainable 'Life-Environmental Ecosystem' by using holistic, life-based and sustainable methods. This Ecosystem creates the experience, exchange and space which are based on the interactions the activities between human beings and their environment. At the master's level, the program's focus lies on the advanced knowledge of Environmental Design, especially the study of the complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and systematic challenges of our environment. The program introduces a variety of design and research methods, techniques, tools, and encourages the reformation of Environmental Design in an interdisciplinary context.

     2. Periods of Study

A regular Master program takes 3 years, in which 1-1.5 years are for course learning, and graduation project or thesis work should be no less than 1 year.


     3. Coursework Requirements

Students should complete at least 50 credits in course study and practice, with 9 credits for common degree courses, at least 41 credits for professional courses and professional practice, the 41 credits including professional degree courses with 17credits, non-degree courses with at least 6 credits, and 18 credits for professional practice.

     4. Curriculum

Curriculum for 2019 Master students in Environmental Design课程截图.jpg



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