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AI and Data Design

    1. Introduction

    Big data and artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in various application domains and plays a critical role in the fourth industrial technology revolution. To keep up with this trend in the digital age, "artificial intelligence and data design" program combines the techniques in the field of data science and artificial intelligence to creatively solve design problems, with the purpose of relieving designers of the tedious and repetitive work and redirecting their focus towards more creative designs. The program is opened to students with interdisciplinary backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, electronic engineering, mechanical, industrial design, or digital media design. "Artificial intelligence and data design" program is developed to cultivate data designers (data visualization and visual analysis), data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithm designers, and data and artificial intelligence product and service system designers in the new age.


2. Periods of Study

The standard period of study for the MPhil student is 2.5 years, in which coursework takes 1—1.5 years and thesis takes no less than one year. For the student who is enrolled in a one-year international exchange program, the study period will be extended to three years. The maximum study period is four years.


 3.  Coursework Requirements

Graduate students should take at least 30 credits, including no less than 6 public degree course credits, no less than 12 credits of professional degree courses, non-degree course of no less than 8 credits no less than 2 credits in interdisciplinary courses, and compulsory subject of 4 or more credits.

Mutual credits recognition rules apply to students participating double-degree Master program shall be determined specifically according to specific agreement.


 4. Curriculum

Curriculum for 2019 Master students in AI and Data Design



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