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Advanced Industrial Design

1. Introduction

Facing a better life in the future, facing the era of cyber-physical integration and advanced manufacturing technology, problem-oriented, advocating people-oriented and sustainable innovation, and fostering new products and service systems with artistic accomplishment, craftsmanship, systematic vision, strategic thinking, and social responsibility Practitioners and enablers of innovative design. Cultivate students to understand the relationship between products and services and people's lifestyles, master advanced design concepts, methods and tools, understand the interconnectedness of products and brands and business, and independently think about the changes in new technologies and new business paradigms.

2. Program Duration

1) A regular Master's program takes 2.5 years, in which 1-1.5 years are for course learning, and graduation project or thesis work should be no less than 1 year. Length of schooling extends to 3 years if the student participates in a one-year exchange program. The duration of a Master's study should be no more than 4 years.

2) Through three phases, i.e. course study, professional design practice, and thesis writing (design projects), the master program aims at cultivating full-time graduates who are capable of innovation, as well as problem analysis and solving in ways of case study and heuristic teaching methodologies, combining theory and practice. 

3. Credit

Graduate students from this program should complete at least 44 credits, including 7 credits for common degree courses (including Engineering Ethics 2020578), 19 for professional degree courses, 8 for non-degree (i.e. specialized elective) courses and 10 for compulsory courses.

In non-degree courses, 2 credits must be completed for one cross-disciplinary or cross-faculty course.

Mutual credits recognition rules that apply to students participating in exchange master programs shall be determined specifically according to specific agreements.

4. Curriculum (2019)



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