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Tongji University College of Design and Innovation (D&I) has established an International Advisory Board. The International Advisory Board consists of renowned high-end experts from the area of design and innovation worldwide. With an excellent master of theoretical doctrines and praxis know-how, these experts have in-depth understanding and insightful vision of discipline frontier, academic requirements, and industrial practicalities. They have been engaged in design research and design education for a long time, working as chair professor at top design colleges, chief editor or editorial member of world-class design academic journals, principal director of significant multidisciplinary projects, senior consultant for national innovation strategy formulating, or steersman of design business giants. The members of International Advisory Board are proposed by the Dean of D&I and approved by the college’s Academic Committee. The International Advisory Board is responsible for consulting D&I on its education, research and other important issues to ensure D&I’s development strategies are compatible with international practice and in line with academic and industrial trends.


The International Advisory Board of D&I has gone through three terms of office. Its former and current in-service members are listed as below.


2018-2020 (listed in the alphabetical order of the family name) 


微信图片_20190522182714.jpgCees de Bont.jpgRichard Buchanan.jpg
Naren BarfieldCees de BontRichard Buchanan
Lee.jpgDon Norman_副本.jpg微信图片_20190522183732.jpg
Kun-Pyo LeeDon NormanYrjo Sotamaa
微信图片_20190522183900.jpgEna Voute.jpgPatrick Whitney.jpg
Srini SrinivasanEna VoûtePatrick Whitney
timg.jpgKen Friedman_副本.jpg
Ezio ManziniKen Friedman



2014-2017 (listed in the alphabetical order of the family name) 

Cees de Bont.jpgMark Breitenberg.jpgRichard Buchanan.jpg
Cees de BontMark BreitenbergRichard Buchanan
Ken Friedman_副本.jpgjustice_lorraine 22_副本.jpgRichard_Kelly_副本.jpg
Ken FriedmanLorraine JusticeRichard Kelly
Lee.jpgAlastair Fuad-Luke_副本.jpgDon Norman_副本.jpg
Kun-Pyo LeeAlastair Fuad-LukeDon Norman
Peter Jan.jpgEna Voute.jpgPatrick Whitney.jpg
Pieter Jan StappersEna VoûtePatrick Whitney


2010-2013 (listed in the alphabetical order of the family name) 

Mark BreitenbergKen FriedmanJan Stael von Holstein
Lorraine JusticeRichard KellyAlastair Fuad-Luke
Ezio ManziniYrjo SotamaaPatrick Whitney


2008-2009 (listed in the alphabetical order of the family name)  

Mark BreitenbergNigel CrossHelfried Hagenberg
Jan Stael von HollsteinAnthony JonesLorraine Justice
Ezio ManziniYrjo SotamaaPatrick Whitney




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