Creative Industry and Culture Research Lab

Supervisor: Guoxin Wu, professor, Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Designers Association, Vice Director of Design and Art Committee of Shanghai Artists Association, email address:

Lab Introduction: The Creative Industry and Culture Lab provides domestic and foreign design institutions and design related departments with the latest development information regarding the cultural and creative industries. This empowers design institutions to cultivate students at different levels and focuses, forming different varieties of creative talents, and providing talent support for the healthy development of cultural and creative industries.

Major Research Directions: Intangible Cultural Heritage Study, Research on Development of New Rural Cultural and Creative Industry, Research on Creative Industry and Talents Cultivation


Existing Research Projects:

1. Development Planning of New Rural Cultural and Creative Industry in Guidong County, Hunan Province

2. Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education "Advanced Study and Training Project for National Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage" Training Center of Tongji University

3. Ten Key Projects "Conceptual Design for Xining City Children's Welfare Institution" in Xining Qinghai



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