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As a well-known hometown for overseas Chinese and home to world famous chefs, the city of Kaiping has actively built quality projects featuring practical implementation and development, such as world heritage Diaolou, cuisines, and local specialty products, to provide a modern and diverse platform for cultural exchanges and cooperations between overseas Chinese. In this case, the International Innovation Design Contest themed on the Asian Food Design is held and designers from all over the world are invited.

The city of Kaiping in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, is home to numerous famous chefs in the world, as well as the collection of local cuisines. It is also home to overseas Chinese with the reputation of 'home to world famous chefs'.


When it comes to the city of Kaiping, many people would consider it as the hometown of its famous cuisines such as Magang goose, Jinshan garlic, and Guanghe fermented bean curd. People in Kaiping are known for both their 'pioneering spirit' of hard work and their 'inclusiveness' of accepting differences from the world. It is the same in their food culture: On the one hand, hundreds of thousands of people in Kaiping are spreading 'the taste of home to overseas Chinese' all over the world; On the other hand, the eight major domestic cuisines are also popular among people in Kaiping. Their 'pioneering spirit' and 'inclusiveness' have managed to 'stir the taste buds of people from all over the world'.


Does the city of Kaiping——home to numerous famous chefs, spark your unique inspiration?

What kind of creative elements would you like to add in your design?


'Innovative Design on Asian Food'

Serving the Home to Overseas Chinese

Igniting the Creative Lifestyle


01 Requirements

Participants should start the design from details and pay attention to the expression of cultural elements, feelings, and reflections on the comfortable and natural relationship between people, objects, and the environment. Deliberate design is not recommended. Given that the contest is aimed to revitalize the quality of lifestyle and to lead a new way of life through the innovative design of Asian food, participants have to focus on the operation procedure and to consider the details that are easy to be neglected for users, so that each finished product is natural in design and practical in usage.

02   Category

Innovative Design on Asian Food

The design works are required to focus on the elements that inherit Chinese traditional culture centring on time-honored Asian food. Submissions includecreative design on Asian Dishes, Food Packaging, Tableware Products, Street Stalls, Food Street Entrance, and Services.

03 Arrangements


【 2020.10.28 】


The contest is open to global designers, enterprises, institutions, and college students who are engaged in the design industry at home and abroad. Participants are able to participate in the name of working units, individuals, or teams. 

It should be noticed that the same work cannot be submitted repeatedly in the contest. In principle, each unit or individual can submit no more than three pieces of works per category.


Please package and compress the Word file (including the name of the work, the introduction of the work within 150 words, the list and introduction of the production staff, the contact person and the contact number) and the submission file (including but not limited to video, picture, Word file, etc.) into the form of compressed RAR file and send it to the official email address of the contest:, and the subject of the email should be 'submission name + author name + contact information'.

04  Submission Requirements

1. The design works are required to delve deep into cultural connotations, and to be creative, practical, and marketable.

2. The form and subject of the submissions are not rigidly required, and serialized design works are encouraged. The design works should reflect the core concept of local cuisines in Kaiping.

3. Submissions must be original designs without any plagiarism, and counterfeiting works are not allowed. Contents of submissions must be healthy and positive without any violant elements or taboos. Patented works are required to be submitted with a copy of the patent certificate, and copyright works are required to provide a copy of the work registration certificate in submission.

4. Forms of submissions are not confined. Each submitted work is required to upload 4~6 high-definition jpg images. The content should include subject explanation, renderings, necessary structure pictures, basic external dimension drawings and design instructions (within 200 words); Each piece of work is required to upload a standard color photo or a model picture, and the layout is required to be size A3 (420×297mm), horizontal composition, precision 300dpi, and JPG/GIF/PNG saved format. The size of the single picture must not exceed 10MB .

5. Please upload the submitted work in the form of compressed RAR, and the file must be named 'submission name + author name + contact information' for information verification and selection.

05 Criteria

In order to ensure fairness, equity and objectivity in evaluating submitted works, the submission selection will proceed in two stages: preliminary evaluation and further evaluation. The evaluation committee consists of the director from the co-organizer unit, well-known entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industry, well-known media personalities, and professional designers.

06 Information for Participants

1. All design works must be submitted in real names to prevent plagiarism. If there is any infringement or legal dispute during the whole period of the contest, related participants will be responsible on their own account and their qualifications or awards will be cancelled accordingly.

2.The pictures, design descriptions, and videos in the submitted works shall not contain any text, patterns, marks or other symbols irrelevant to the design. The name of the participant or his/her working unit is not allowed to appear in the work, or the work shall be deemed as an invalid submission.

3. Participants who submit works for review shall be deemed to have confirmed and voluntarily abide by the copyright and creation requirements of the contest.

4. The organizer unit of the contest has the right to use the selected works for free to carry out non-profit activities.

5. Participants should make sure that relevant regulations of the contest are read and abide by before submitting their works. The organizer unit reserves the right to disqualify any submission that violates the regulations;

6. The final interpretation right of this contest belongs to the organizer unit.

07 Intellectual Property Rights

1. The submitted works should be original works that have not applied for patents or registered intellectual property rights. Make sure that the submitted works have not infringed on the intellectual property rights of others. The participant himself shall bear all legal liabilities if there is any infringement on the intellectual property rights of others;

2. The organizer committee of the contest has the obligation to keep the submissions confidential without disclosing to any third party for usage, production, or implementation without the author's permission;

3. The use of all materials provided by the organizer committee are confined to this contest, and all works of the cultural and creative contest are not allowed to be commercialized without authorization;

4. For the awarded submissions, the organizer unit and the right holders of the cultural resource project soliciting cultural and creative product designs announced by the contest have all rights including but not limited to intellectual property rights;

5. Once the work is submitted, the participant grants the organizer unit the right to use his/her name, portrait, and personal information in advertising related to the contest without any form of notice or compensation (except for violation of current laws and regulations). This regulation applies to all participants.

08 Other Notes

1. As a public welfare event, the organizer committee of the contest will not charge any registration fee to participants in the name of the contest;

2. All award certificates of the contest will be issued by the organizer committee;

3. Participants must ensure that they are fully responsible for the intellectual property rights involved in their submissions;

4. Participants should fully understand the regulations of this contest. Anyone who submits works is deemed to have fully understood and accepted the regulations of the contest and he/she is voluntarily bound by the regulations;

5. The right of interpretation of the contest belongs to the organizer committee. If there is any question, please contact the official email ( for consultation.

 First Prize/Jury Prize: 1

(30,000 RMB rewarded)

Bonus of 20,000 RMB

A sample fee of 10,000 RMB for design works (for display and commercial demonstration)

The priority to cooperate with enterprises for targeted creation opportunities

 Second Prize: 3

(15,000 RMB/per person rewarded)

 Bonus of 10,000 RMB/per person

A sample fee of 5,000 RMB for design works (for display and commercial demonstration)

The priority to cooperate with enterprises for targeted creation opportunities

Third Prize: 6

(7,000 RMB/per person rewarded)

 Bonus of 5,000 RMB/per person

A sample fee of 2,000 RMB for design works (for display and commercial demonstration)

The priority to cooperate with enterprises for targeted creation opportunities

Public Prize: 1 

(20,000 RMB rewarded)

 Bonus of 10,000 RMB

A sample fee of 10,000 RMB for design works (for display and commercial demonstration)

The priority to cooperate with enterprises for targeted creation opportunities

*Public Prize is awarded to the most popular submitted work on the Internet


Nominee Awards:20-50 

1,000 RMB/per person

Bonus of 1,000 RMB

The priority to cooperate with enterprises for targeted creation opportunities

Organizer Unit

Kaiping Municipal People's Government

Support Units

College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

Nanfang Daily Media Group

EUCA Culture & Communications Company Limited

Shanghai Hima Tourism Development Company Limited

Co-organizer Unit

Shanghai Institute of Design & Innovation, Tongji University


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