Open Your Space 4th Phase Launched: Design for Urban Resilience

The 4th phase of Open your space: Design Intervention in Siping Community project (OYS) took place on the 30th December 2018 along with the open street festival in the community.  This year the project focus was on redefining the visual identity of the community. In doing so it combined urban furniture and infrastructure to promote the community identity. To achieve this an obsolete walking path on Fuxin Road, was turned into a stylish 80 meter pocket park and the playground. At the same time the project retains the original greenery layout but adds Chinese characters that combine the initial name of the College of Design and Innovation (D&I) and “siping.”. This logogram,the playground (a seesaw, swing and benches) and the bright, colorful pavement provides a new walking experience. The 6 flowerbeds have been replaced with new flowers and it is self-managed by the local residents, schools and enterprises. This is considered an important achievement for the 4th OYS. City Science Lab @Shanghai in collaboration with MIT Media Lab will bring quantitative analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of design intervention. 


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