Tongji University Innovation Center for China-U.S. Youth Exchange Inaugurated

April 2nd, 2018, Tongji University Innovation Center for China-U.S. Youth Exchange was inaugurated in College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University. Recently International Cooperation & Exchanges Department in the Ministry of Education announced the first name list of Certified Centers for China-U.S. Youth Exchange. Tongji University was included in the 18 institutions in this first name list.


Innovation Center for China-U.S. Youth Exchangeis an advanced project based on theachievements of China-U.S. Young Maker Competitions. So far there has been four, successfully held, sessions of China-U.S. Young Maker Competitions.Thesehave become branding activities in China-U.S. cultural communication and have extensive influence on the youth generation of both countries. Tongji University has been the co-organizer of China-U.S. Young Maker Competitions in Shanghai Region for four years, with the Ministry of Education as the main organizer, and has contributed significantly for both China-U.S. Young Maker Competitionsand cultural communication.



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