Tongji-Kolding International Joint Workshop

A international workshop, jointly held by Tongji D&I and Kolding Design School of Denmark, came to an end after one month of fruitful work. The two parties have held an annual joint workshop commencing in 2009. The theme for this year was Sustainability as new business—environmental service design in Shanghai—connecting with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will yield prototype for the city construction. The project focused specifically on Line 10 which connects the three major universities in Shanghai (Tongji, Fudan, and Jiaotong University), and tries to make it into a landmark LEARN LINE.  


The workshop was jointly delivered by teachers from both parties, including Professor SU Yunsheng, Professor Jarmo Suominen, Professor Avril Accolla from D&I, and Professor Barnabas Wetton and Professor Peter Barker from Kolding. The students deleveloped many great proposals in the one month.


D&I has been exploring the possibilities of design and innovation over the years in Siping area. Based on the works of this joint international workshop, D&I will endeavour to execute the ideas of the students, and, in doing so, make changes to the community with the power of design.


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