2016 International Symposiumon ‘Human Factors in Design’

2016 International Symposiumon ‘Human Factors in Design’

Time: 22nd and 23rd October, 2016

Venue: College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, 281 FuxinRoad, Shanghai 200092


There is a growing community of researchers of human factors in design worldwide. The 2016 International Symposium on“Human Factors in Design” aims to provide a cross-disciplinary platform for this emerging research community. The symposium will take place during the Design Week of Tongji University, and welcome contributions from ergonomics and human factors, industrial engineering, design and innovation, health and wellbeing, ageing, mobility, virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things and beyond. Case studies on human factors application are especially welcome.

The symposium will take place at the same time of the 16th academic symposium of the Chinese Management Ergonomics Association, focusing on the interface of ergonomics, management, and design.


The early bird registration fee is$100(accommodation NOT included), for those who register by the 20th September,2016.

Registration fees will double between the 21st September and the 15th October 2016.

To participate in the symposium, you may submit an abstract(500-800 words), a paper (2000-5000 words), or a case study (150-500 words), by the 20th August, 2016.

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China, ShanghaiBranch 

Bank address:23.Zhongshan Road(E.1)Shanghai, 200002, P.R.China

Swift number: BKCHCNBJ300

Beneficiary: TongJi University

Beneficiary Bank Account No. : 433859245525

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