FU Li-Chih

Work Experience:

1990   Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. Transportation Design BS, Graduate with Honors.  1988-1989, Chrysler Scholarship, 1989-1990, Toyota Scholarship.


1990-2000  CALTY Design Research (Toyota North America Advanced Design Studio), Newport Beach, CA. Senior Designer & Project Leader.

Design and planning all Toyota US models, incl, Lexus and Scion Brand image carrier. Research on changing lifestyle and advanced concept development techniques.


2000-2006  Opus Design International, Irvine, CA., Xiang Automotive Concept Lab. Shanghai.  Chief Creative Officer.

Automotive design and concept research consultancy for international auto industry.  Design and product strategy consultancy focused on Chinese input for global clients.


2006-2008  Nanjing Automotive Corporation, Design Director.

Design and product strategy for entire Nanjing Automotive Group from passenger sedan to military vehicle, brand incl MG, Fiat & Iveco.


2007-2012  Nanjing Arts Institute, Tongji University, Professor.

Automotive design Lead Professor for cross university program in Shanghai & Nanjing.


2012-2017  GAC-Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan & Venucia Brand, Design & Product Planning Director

Design and product strategy for entire OEMs product lineup from passenger sedan, SUVs, MPVs to new energy vehicles, experimental mobility systems and business model research.



Email: thinkheaven@gmail.com


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