Swallow-tail joint

The wood joint, also called the tenon andmortise joint, is kind of joinery technique in woodwork which is always used in Chinese wooden furniture. In China,the wood joint is a symbol of crafts manship.


Dovetail joint is traditional and representative among all kinds of wood joint. There are mainly two kinds of dovetail joint, and they both work as a resistance to keep two parts from being pulled apart, horizontally or vertically.


Using only one type of joint, the DovetailStool is designed to highlight the function and delicacy of wood joint. The stool is made of only 4 main parts and 5 dovetail joints, along with several wood bolts to stablize the structure. Also, the side view of the stool refers to the pattern of swallow in traditional Chinese drawings. That's because dovetail is also called "swallow-tail joint" in Chinese.


The structure can also be applied to other objects or furniture.


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