The second issue of She Ji goes online


It is a pleasure to announce that the second issue of She Ji is now online at:


In this issue, we launch three new features. The first is “Commentary,” to encourage reflection and debate on selected articles. The second is “In Conversation,” an opportunity to meet and speak with thought leaders in design, economics, and innovation. The third is “Viewpoint,” an opportunity for leaders in industry, business, and government to discuss key issues affecting the world today.


The contents of this issue include four original research articles:


"DesignX: Complex Sociotechnical Systems” by Donald A. Norman and Pieter Jan Stappers, together with comments by John Flach, Jeremy Myerson, and Peter Jones;


"Gifts to the Future: Design Reasoning, Design Research, and Critical Design Practitioners” by Janet McDonnell;


"Paradigm Shift: Report on the New Role of Design in Business and Society” by Gjoko Muratovski;


"Design Capitalism: Design Economics and Innovation in the Auto-Industrial Age” by Peter Murphy;


In addition, we publish a Viewpoint contribution:


“On China's Design and Innovation Policy” by Yongxiang Lu, the Head of China’s Research Task Force on Development Strategy for Innovation and Design;


And we launch our In Conversation series with:


“India's Design Guru: M.P. Ranjan” by Derek Lomas. This is the last major interview by the late M.P. Ranjan, a global thought leader in design, design research, and design education.  


You can find the full contents of She Ji from the first issue on at our journal web site. This includes article in press that have not yet been published:


As always, the full contents of She Ji are available open access. You are free to download and circulate them as you wish, and you may store them or use them on your own web site and in the digital resource collections of your school.


We hope you will find the contents of this issue as exciting and interesting as we do.


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