Cui Wei

Wei Cui

Postdoctoral Fellow


Brief Introduction

   Dr Wei Cui is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Tongji Univerisity. She has obtained her Ph.D. in Media, Communication and Sociology from University of Leicester. She received her bachelor’s degree in Information Management at Nanjing University of China, before studying for her first master degree in Asian Studies at University of Sydney and second master degree in Chinese Studies at University of Sheffield. Her research looks at how communication and technology can improve an organisation’s crisis communication strategy, which highlights two critical factors that influence the employment of crisis communication strategies by the Chinese government: cultural values (e.g., power distance, collectivism, uncertainty avoidance) and digital technologies. Her research interests also include community-based health communication in the context of new information communication technology and has extensive experience using computer tools such as Python to collect online data.



Health communication, Digital media, Media discourse analysis


Academic and social Post

UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association (UCMeCSA), Executive committee


Education Background

2014-2020 Ph.D. Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester (UK)

2011-2013 MA Chinese Studies, University of Sheffield (UK)

2009-2011 MA Asian Studies, University of Sydney (Australia)

2004-2008 BSc Information Management, Nanjing University


Work Experience

2020.1-3 Teaching Assistant, School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester

2018.1-8 Research Assistant, School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester


1. CUI, W,2021. Application Analysis of Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm in News Texts Clustering[J]. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems. (Accepted)

2. ZHU, Y. & CUI, W. Sustainable Engagement with Chinese Students: A Longitudinal Study of UK Universities’ Use of Weibo. International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference, June 20-24,2018[C]. Oregon,2018.

3.徐天博,崔巍, 2018. 国际期刊上的“国家形象”知识图谱-基于Web of Science 数据库的可视化分析[J]. 国际传播(6): 29-40.  

4.崔巍,2016.对媒体女大学生失联报道的反思[J].新闻战线(22): 122-123.






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