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Qing CHEN is currently an associate professor at Tongji University, entitled in the Shanghai Oversea Talent Program. She received her B.Eng degree and PhD degree from Zhejiang University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology respectively. After graduation, she worked as a postdoc researcher at INRIA and Ecole Polytechnique. Her research interests lie in information visualization, big data visual analytics, human-computer interaction, generative AI and their applications in education, healthcare, design, and business intelligence, having published extensively on these subjects. She works as the committee member of various top conferences and the community chair for IEEE VIS 2022-2023. She received several awards including CSIG (China Society of Image and Graphics) Natural Science Award, HongKong ICT Best Innovation Silver Award, Asia Pacific ICT Awards. She is currently the principle investigator of several National Natural Science Funds and a University-Industry Collaborative Education Program Funded by the Ministry of Education.



Big Data Analytics, Information Visualization, Human Computer Interaction, Generative AI, and their applications in Online Education, Intelligent Design, AI-powered Healthcare, Business Intelligence.


Academic and Social Post

2024 IEEE VIS Fast Forward Chair

2023-Now Computer Science Review Guest Editor

2020-Now CCF Human-Computer Interaction Committee Member

2022-2023 IEEE VIS Community Chair

2020-Now IEEE VIS/PacificVis/ChinaVis Program Committee Member

2020-Now CSIG Visualization and Visual Analytics Committee Member

2020-Now CCF YOCSEF Shanghai Academic AC

2019 IEEE VIS Session Chair


2015-2018 ACM-W HKUST Chapter Activity Chair


Education Background

2018  Visiting Scholar, Inria Saclay

2013-2018 Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2011-2012 Exchange Student, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, School of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University

2009-2013 B.Eng in Digital Media Technology, School of Computer Science, Zhejiang University


Work Experience

2024-Now  Associate Professor, Tongji University

2020-2023  Assistant Professor, Tongji University

2018-2019  Postdoc Researcher, Inria & École Polytechnique

2014-2018 Teaching/Research Assistant, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



2024-2027 Research on Mixed-Initiative Intelligent Visualization Methods and Techniques, NSF

2023-2026 Information Communication Design for Data Intelligence, NSF Shanghai

2022-2023 University-Industry Collaborative Education Program, The Ministry of Education

2022-2023 Self-service Analytics System Design for Business Intelligence Applications, supported by AntV

2022-2023 Tencent Technology Tree Project, supported by OUTPUT/Tencent

2022-2023 Chen Guang Project, supported by Shanghai Education Development Foundation

2021-2023 Automatic Information Visualization Generation Techniques, NSF

2021-2023 Visual Analytics of Complex Sequence Data, NSF

2021-2023 Visual Analytics of Self-regulated Learning from Online Learning Behavior Data, NSF

2020-2021 AI-based Automatic Visualization Generation, supported by AntV

2018-2020 Dynamic representation of large volumes of care pathways (collaboration with France government CNAMS)

2018-2020 An Open Learning Design, Data Analytics and Visualization Framework for E-Learning ITS/388/17FP

2016-2018 An Open Learning Design, Data Analytics and Visualization Framework for E-Learning ITS/306/15FP

2014-2018 VisMOOC: A Visualization Tool for MOOC F0532-CSE03

2014-2017 Visual Analysis of Customer Loyalty RGC/GRF16208514



[1] Chen, Q., Shuai, W., Zhang, J., Sun, Z., & Cao, N. (2024). Beyond Numbers: Creating Analogies to Enhance Data Comprehension and Communication with Generative AI. In Proceedings of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

[2] Guo, Y., Shi, D., Guo, M., Wu, Y., Cao, N. * & Chen, Q.* (2024). Talk2Data: A Natural Language Interface for Exploratory Visual Analysis via Question Decomposition. ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems.

[3] Chen, Q., Chen, N., Shuai, W., Wu, G., Xu, Z., Tong, H., & Cao, N. (2024). Calliope-Net: Automatic Generation of Graph Data Facts via Annotated Node-link Diagrams. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 30(1), 562-572.

[4] Guo, Y., Cao, N.*, Cai, L., Wu, Y., Weiskopf, D., Shi, D., & Chen, Q.* (2023). Datamator: An Authoring Tool for Creating Datamations via Data Query Decomposition. Applied Sciences, 13(17), p.9709.

[5] Guo, Y., Cao, N., Qi X., Li, H., Shi, D., Zhang J., Chen Q., Daniel Weiskopf. (2023). Enhancing Natural Language-Based Data Exploration with Analysis Pipeline Illustration. IEEE VIS.

[6] Chen, Q., Cao, S., Wang, J., & Cao, N. (2023). How Does Automation Shape the Process of Narrative Visualization: A Survey of Tools. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.

[7] Li, Y., Qi, Y., Shi, Y., Chen, Q., Cao, N., & Chen, S. (2022). Diverse Interaction Recommendation for Public Users Exploring Multi-view Visualization using Deep Learning. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 29(1), 95-105.

[8] Lan, X., Wu, Y., Shi, Y., Chen, Q., & Cao, N. (2022, April). Negative emotions, positive outcomes? exploring the communication of negativity in serious data stories. In Proceedings of the 2022 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1-14).

[9] Chen, Q., Sun, F., Xu, X., Chen, Z., Wang, J., & Cao, N. (2022). Vizlinter: A linter and fixer framework for data visualization. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics, 28(1), 206-216.

[10] Guo, S., Jin, Z., Chen, Q., Gotz, D., Zha, H., & Cao, N. (2021). Interpretable anomaly detection in event sequences via sequence matching and visual comparison. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 28(12), 4531-4545.

[11] Chen, Q., Yue, X., Plantaz, X., Chen, Y., Shi, C., Pong, T. C., & Qu, H. (2020). ViSeq: Visual Analytics of Learning Sequence in Massive Open Online Courses. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics. 26 (3), 1622-1636.

[12] Qu, H., Shi, C., Fu, S., & Chen, Q. (2020). Method and system for analyzing user activities related to a video. U.S. Patent No. 10,616,626. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

[13] Guo, S., Jin, Z., Chen, Q., Gotz. D., Zha. H., Cao. N. (2019, December). Visual Anomaly Detection in Event Sequence Data. IEEE BigData 2019.

[14] Fekete, J. D., Chen, Q., Feng, Y., & Renault, J. (2019, October). Practical Use Cases for Progressive Visual Analytics. IEEE VIS DISA 2019.

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[19] Chen, Q., Chen, Y., Liu, D., Shi, C., Wu, Y., & Qu, H. (2015). Peakvizor: Visual analytics of peaks in video clickstreams from massive open online courses. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics, 22(10), 2315-2330.

[20] Qu, H., & Chen, Q. (2015). Visual analytics for MOOC data. IEEE computer graphics and applications, 35(6), 69-75.

[21] Shi, C., Fu, S., Chen, Q., & Qu, H. (2015, April). VisMOOC: Visualizing video clickstream data from massive open online courses. In 2015 IEEE Pacific visualization symposium (PacificVis) (pp. 159-166). IEEE.

Honors and Awards

2023  IEEE VIS Best Poster Award

2023  Tongji University Outstanding Head Teacher

2022  CSIG (China Society of Image and Graphics) Natural Science Award

2022  Tongji University Excellent Online Graduate Course Program

2021  ChinaVis Best Poster Award

2021  Shanghai Chenguang Talent Program

2020  Shanghai Oversea Talent Program

2016  Honorable Mention Award, Visualization Contest for Public Welfare on the Cloud by Alibaba

2015 Silver Award, Hong Kong ICT Awards Best Innovation

2015 Merit Award, Asia Pacific ICT Awards

2014 First Prize, Design Thinking CAA-HKUST


International exchanges and activities

2014-Now IEEE VIS/EuroVis/PacificVis Conference Presentation

2023  GAMES Webinar Invited Presentation

2023  ChinaVis Conference Invited Presentation

2022  CCF YOCSEF Shanghai Metaverse Series Forum Chair

2021  Nanjing University of the Arts Academic Season Invited Presentation 2021  Zhejiang University Summer School Invited Presentation

2021  CSIG-VIS Invited Talks at Wuhan University and China Academy of Art

2021  CSIG-VIS Young Scholar Forum Invited Presentation

2020  CCF Big Data Conference Invited Presentation

2019  Data Science Summer School Project Presentation

2018  Invited Speaker for AEARU 2018 Conference

2016  Invited Speaker for HK Metro Radio

2015-2016 HKUST Teaching Assistant Coordinator

2015  Project Presentation for 25 projects for HKUST 25th Anniversary

2015  Project Presentation for HKICT&Asia Pacific ICT Awards

2015  Poster Design for IEEE Transactions for Big Data

2015  M.C. for HKUST One Million Dollar Enterpreneurship Competition

2015  M.C. for Prize Ceremony for the 14th National Challenge Cup



Email: qingchen@tongji.edu.cn


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