National Distinguished Expert;

Deputy Head of Art Degree Education Steering Committee;

Member of Academic Committee on Art and Design.  


Brief Introduction:

Prof.SUN is one of the National Distinguished Experts, has worked on major collaborative and curatorial projects worldwide, actively engaged in both European and Asian design culture. In the aspect of social innovation, he proposed an innovative theoretical model driven by design and sustainable fashion and oriented by the development of urban cultural innovation: “A Model of Cultural Activity Driven by Fashion and Design.”


1. Research

(1) Fashion and Related Product Design (Jewelry, etc.)

(2). Sustainable Fashion Design (Brand products, model and strategy system)

(3) Contemporary Design and Art Curation

(4) Mode innovation of cultural and Creative Institutions


2. Teaching

Undergraduate Course: Fashion and Cross-boundary Design (Chinese)

Master Course: Contemporary Fashion and Design (English)


3. Publications 

(1).Sun Jie, Elizabeth Fischer; Spirit of Luxury and Design -- A Perspective from Contemporary Fashion and Jewelry; Oro Editions, USA, ISBN: 9781951541767, 2021-03.

(2). Sun Jie; The 4th Triple Parade International Contemporary Jewelry Biennale: The Third World; The Royal Dutch Library, ISBN: 97890082578942, 2018-10.

(3). Sun Jie. Sino-Swiss contemporary jewelry design; Royal Dutch Library; ISBN: 9789082578959, 2018-04.


International academic seminars (Director, Organizer) :

2018, 1st WoSoF World Fashion and Jewelry Innovation Design Conference, HOW Art Museum, Shanghai

2018, The 4th TRIPLE PARADE International Contemporary Jewelry Biennale Symposium, Shanghai HOW Art Museum

2017, iCL International Contemporary Design Art Pioneer Forum, Art Museum of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.

2016, Hyper Daily- International Symposium on Contemporary Jewelry, Shanghai Bund Art Museum.


Exhibitions (Chief Curator) :

2020, From Me to You -- International Contemporary Art Exhibition, SV MoMA, Qingdao

2020, Unique International Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition, TX Huaihai, Shanghai

2020, Only You - Triple Exhibition of Contemporary Art / SV MoMA in Qingdao

2019, Dutch Spirit Contemporary Jewelry Design Masters Invitational Exhibition / NoCC Center Exhibition Hall

2019, "From the Fashionable World to the New Communities" / NewYork Design Week.

2019, Meet the Future -- International Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition / SV MOMA, Qingdao

2019, The 1st WOSOF Global Fashion and Jewelry Innovation Design Exhibition / Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum

2018, the 4th TRIPLE PARADE International Contemporary Jewelry Biennale. / Shanghai HOW Art Museum

2018, Sino-Swiss Contemporary Jewelry Design Exhibition /Tongji University

2017, "Entry" International Contemporary Design Exhibition, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum

2016, The 3rd TRIPLE PARADE International Contemporary Jewelry Design Art Exhibition. / Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum


4. Contact

Email:  jsun@tongji.edu.cn 



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