ZHANG Zhoujie

DOB 1984


Independent Designer, Digital Artist

Professor at College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

Visiting Professor at School of Design & Innovation, China Academy of Art

Founder of Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab

Founder of EndlessForm

Initiator of Aiiiii Art Center



Zhang Zhoujie graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Since he established Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab, Zhang has become a pioneer in the realm of digital creativity, his work is known for being independent, experimental and futuristic. Zhang believes that objects in the digital world can grow and develop much like natural evolution, and he is dedicated himself to discovering and exploring the methods within these transformations. His work mainly focuses on the simplicity of logic, variety and unpredictability, which is based on his understanding of nature. 


His collections have been exhibited widely around the world and selected by museums as well as individual collectors. His work has appeared in mainstream media such as Wallpaper*, The New York Times, and Vogue, and he was profiled as one of the “2014 100 Most Creative People in Business”by Fast Company,“Forbes China 2021 The Most Valuable Smart Designer TOP10”, “The 6th IDEAT Future Award, Designer of the Year”, 2022 HURUN Respected Chinese Designer,2022 Fortune China Best Designs and many other acknowledgments.





2003-2007 China Academy of Art, BA Industrial Design

2008-2010 Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, MA Industrial Design





2006-2008      Product Designer of Lenovo Research, China

2010-2016      Visiting Lecturer of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Fudan University

2010-Present   Founder of Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab, Shanghai, China

2014-Present   Founder of Endless Form Industrial Shanghai/Hongkong Ltd.

2016-2019      Visiting Expert of China Central Academy of Fine Art

2018-2023       Associate Professor at Design and Innovation College of Tongji University 

2020-Present   Visiting Professor at School of Design &Innovation of China Academy of Art

2024-Present   Professor at Design and Innovation College of Tongji University 




2023.01   Best Designer of the Year 2022-2023 in China, ELLE DECO International Design Awards

2022.08   Designer of the Year, The 6th IDEAT Future Award

2022.01   Respected Chinese Designer, Hurun Report

2021.12   Dragon Design Foundation Award - Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons in China's Design Industry

2021.10   2021 Top 10 Designers, China Industry Design Top 100

2021.08   2021 Forbes China the Most Valuable Smart Designer TOP10

2020.12   People of the Year 2020, China's Household Innovation Design Contest

2016.08   Creative Recommendations List, 2016 Creative 100

2014.11   Rising Asian Talent Award, Maison & Object, Singapore

2014.10   China Outstanding Designer Award, China Creative Design Summit

2014.10   10 Outstanding Young People award, China Creative Design Summit

2014.09   Best Contemporary Design, China Golden Design Award

2014.06   2014 China Most Creative People in Business 100, Fast Company

2012.12   Young Designer of the year, ELLE DECO International Design Awards

2012.11   Work selected for Poly Autumn Auction as Contemporary Art Design Cover

2012.11   50 / 100 Young Talent of the Year, SHDC

2012.11   Presidents’ Nomination, Designnova

2007.06   IF Design Award China

2006.06   Lenovo Design Competition First Place





2020.07   Zhang Zhoujie: Connecting the Dots, Qishi Qsm2 Space, shanghai

2019.11   Zhang Zhoujie: Tables?,  Fab Union Space, Shanghai

2019.05   Minimal Logic,  XiangSi Museum, Tianjin 

2018.11   Zhang Zhoujie & Zhang Zhoujie, HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou

2018.08   Minimal Logic, Whitebox Art Centre, Beijing 

2018.06   Formation in Action, Design Miami / Basel, Basel

2018.03   Endless Form, Design Shanghai, Shanghai

2017.03   Mesh State, Hiart Space, Shanghai

2016.05   Randomness of Design, YIHAUS, Shanghai





2022.11   The 9th West Bund Art & Design Fair, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai

2022.11   The 10th ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai

2022.11   "Digital Existentialism_2022", Cheng Art Museum, Shanghai

2022.11   Collekt Art Design Fair, Shanghai

2021.12   Wuwu, AMNUA,Nanjing

2021.12   Futuristic Aesthetics, Qianhai micx, Shenzhen

2021.09   Material Tales: The Life of Things, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

2021.08   Convivial, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2021.05   Thousand Mirages Arts Festival, Vientiane City, Shenzhen

2021.05   Alibaba Design Week, Alibaba, Hangzhou

2021.03  “Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Fair, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

2020.11   Machine Made Digital Aura, FU Space, Shanghai

2020.11   West Coast Art and Exposition, FU Space, Shanghai

2020.11   All volution, Baolong Art Center, Shanghai

2020.11   Design Shanghai, World Expo exhibition hall, Shanghai

2020.11   Physis: Production of Nature, Human and Technology, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan

2020.11   Design and the Wondrous: on the Nature of Ornament, West Bund  Museum, Shanghai

2020.09   A Century of Shanghai Design, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai

2020.09   A Kind of Form, Song Art District, Beijing

2020.03   KAIWU: Art et design en Chine, Musée de l’Hospice Comtesee, Lille

2019.11   Unique Design Shanghai, Tank, Shanghai

2019.05   NYC × Design, New York

2019.05   New Olds-Design between Tradition and Innovation, China Design Museum, Hangzhou

2019.03   Manifesto Cabinet, Design Shanghai, Shanghai

2019.02   Metropolitan Sets, Frieze LA, Los Angeles

2018.10   Mesh Track, Lost & Found Museum, Shanghai

2017.12   Shanghai Visual Art Design Exhibition, Shanghai

2017.10   China Pavilion, World Design Summit, Montreal

2017.09   Audi Design Exhibition, Beijing

2017.09   The New Creative The New Future of Chinese Design, How Design Centre, Shanghai

2016.09   Inspired by Land, Land Art Installation Festival, Suzhou

2016.09   2nd China Xin Jiang International Art Biennial, Xinjiang

2016.06   Design Miami / Basel, Miami

2016.05   Out of Hand, Museum of Applied Arts &Sciences, Sydney

2016.04   Re+Connect, Milan Triennial Design Museum, Milan

2016.03   Design Shanghai, Shanghai

2016.01   Shanghai Art & Design Biennale Exhibition, Shanghai

2015.12   Design Miami, Miami

2015.10   Asia Now, Paris

2015.10   Design to Delight, Beijing Design Week, Beijing

2015.08   Artifact Beyond-Design in China Now, Helsinki

2015.06   Design Miami / Basel, Basel

2015.03   Design Shanghai, Shanghai

2015.03   Design Days Dubai, Dubai

2014.05   The Inaugural, Gallery ALL, Los Angeles

2014.04   2014 Designing China, Milan

2014.03   It’s Shanghai Time-50th Anniversary of China-France Ties, Paris

2013.09   Digital Tornado, Beijing Design Week, Beijing

2013.09   Digital Vessel, 100% Design London, London

2012.11   3rd Art & Science International Exhibition, Beijing

2012.10   Designer's Show, Galaxy Soho, Beijing

2012.04   SaloneSatellite, Milan

2012.01   Professionals, imm D3 Design Talents Show, Cologne

2011.09   Futures, 100% Design, London

2011.09   Shanghai Design Exhibition, Shanghai EXPO Center Hall, Shanghai

2011.08   DigitalFUTURE Exhibition, Tongji University, Shanghai

2009.11   Cheer:) Exhibition, Oxo Tower Wharf, London


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