PhD, Associate Professor

Master Supervisor



History and Culture of Chinese Modern Design, Theory of Creative IndustriesBrand Strategy and Design



Undergraduate: Brand Design and Communication, Creative Advertising

Postgraduate: History of Chinese modern design


Academic and social Post:

2008-2011 Editorial board member of New Graphic

2016- Design committee members of SPTA (Shanghai Packaging Technology Association)


 Educational Background:

2012 Doctor of Arts degree in Art and Design, School of Arts of Soochow University

2010 Senior Visiting Scholar of Dentsu Inc., Tokyo, Japan

2004 Master of Arts degree in Art and Design, School of Design, Jiangnan University

2001 Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising, School of Communication and Art, Ningbo University


 Work Experience:

2017- Shanghai International Design Innovation College, Tongji University

2004-2017 College of Humanities and Communications, Shanghai Normal University, Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor (Communication and MFA)




2016. Construction and evolution of design guidelines in 1949 to 1966: From architectural to artistic design, Art and Design Research, 12.

2016. Data and content: The transformation direction of the advertising company, Digital Marketing, 12.

2016. The Modern design in China, Art Panorama, 9.

2015. The absence of design in the transformation of manufacturing industry from the angle of industrial convergence. Art Observation, 10.

2015. The scene design and early construction of Shanghai urban cultural forms (1900-1931), Urban History and Urban Study (Urban Culture Studies Issue 12), 8.

2015. Evolution of typologies in commercial art and visual industry: From printed calendar to press advertising, Journal of Advertising Study, 2.

2014. Function transition and system construction of arts and design in Shanghai (1949-1957), ZHUANGSHI, 2.

2013. Descriptions of art and design education course of development in Shanghai. Shanghai Art and Crafts, 6.

2013. System transformation and dual-drive of advertising industry in Shanghai (1949-1966), Journal of Advertising Study, 6.


2012. “Chinese Advertising——Contemporary consumption life and social culture in China”, Shanghai Normal University (Curator)


 Honors and Awards

2009 Excellent guide teacher award of the 3rd national advertising art design competition college students.

2006 China design year book


 International Exchanges and Activities:

2017 Judge of the Department of EducationDentsu advertising talent fund, Beijing.

2017 The forum of interior lifestyle China, Shanghai.

2016 Invited Speaker of Creativity and Innovation in Digital Advertising, South-Central University for Nationalities.

2016 Invited Speaker of Swiss Graphic Design Forum——the Breakthrough of Post-printing Time, Zhejiang University of Technology.

2016 The 20th anniversary international forum of DentsuChina advertising education cooperation project, Suzhou.

2015 Academic Director of Design Culture Forum, Shanghai Normal University.

2013 Judge of Shanghai senior exhibition designer certification, Shanghai.

2013 GDC13 Chinese character 24 academic forum, Shenzhen.

2012 Invited speaker of Chinese calligraphy and contemporary character design forum, Jiangnan University.





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