ZHOU Hongtao

Ph.D, MFA, Director of Innovation Field


Hongtao Zhou is a Full Professorand Director of Innovation Field at the College of Design and Innovation(D&I) of Tongji University in Shanghai. His research, practice and teachingareas include Basic Design Studios, Architecture, Exhibition Design, FurnitureDesign & Fabrication and Contemporary Sculpture & Installation.


Hongtao holds a PhD from PurdueUniversity, a MFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MS from NortheastForest University of China, where he taught as an Assistant Professor of Designfor four years. Dr. Zhou worked as Assistant Professor at the School of Architectureat the University of Hawai’i at Manoa since 2012. He was a Guest Curator atMilwaukee Art Museum, a Chief Designer at Drift studio as well as an Instructorand Furniture Woodshop Supervisor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from2008 to 2012. Since joining UHM, Hongtao had been serving as the Director ofthe Haigo and Irene Shen Architecture Gallery, Campus Art Advisory CommitteeMember and Hawaii Woodguild Show Judge. He is an Executive Member and Curatorof the Association of Chinese Artists in American Academia, Coordinator andDirector of UHM Architecture Global Track and Executive Education programs. Hehas lectured at Peking University, Tsinghua University, MIT, China Academy ofFine Art and Tianjin Academy of Fine Art. Hongtao also serves as the FacultyResident Director of the Global Track program in Shanghai teaching UrbanDesign, Thesis and Architectural Installation courses to the Doctor ofArchitecture candidates from UHM and Tongji University. Currently, Dr. Zhou isD&I’s new director of Innovation Field taking the challenge of upgradingits fabrication shops into a world class innovation factory.


Hongtao has exhibited nationally& internationally including Centre Pompidou, Gwangju Design Biennale-SouthKorea, National Museum of China in Beijing, Milwaukee Art Museum, Chazen Museumof Art, Haggerty Museum of Art, Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites,Charles Allis Art Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art School, Philadelphia ArtAlliance, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Museum of Contemporary Craftin Portland, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing and Taiwan DesignCenter. He published his work and research in Interior Design, Interni, DesignBureau, Transmaterial, Metropolis, American Craft, Artdaily, Zhuangshi Magazine,Modern Weekly and Huffington Post. He also lectured at MIT, Peking University,Tsinghua University and China Central Academy of Fine Art. Hongtao is a winnerof the Silver Medal at the International Snow Sculpture Competition in Quebec,the First Place Novice of Hawaii Woodshow, Madison Art Commission BLINK Grant,Artist of Hawaii Award, Violette Wong Hu Award, Vermont Studio CenterFellowship Award and the First Place Award of Design Emphasis, InternationalWoodworking Fair in Atlanta.


ResearchAreaContemporaryInstallation and Sculpture/ Visual Art/ Curatorial Practice, EnvironmentalDesign/Interior Architecture/Furniture Design, Modern Woodworking andCraft/Innovation and Design of Sustainable Materials, Comparative Studies of FabricationShop Education in American and Chinese Academia

Callfor Graduate Students, Postdoc, Designer in Residency, Artist in Residency andVisiting Student Intern. Innovation Field and D&I provide State of ArtFacilities and work space for interdisciplinary research and creation.


Please contact Hongtao Zhou for more information: lifeisfurniture@gmail.com




17- present  Professor, Director of Innovation Field,College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China (BasicDesign Studio, Design Communication)

15-16  GT Professor, College of Architecture andUrban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China (Arch 693 Special TopicsExhibition Design, Arch 750C Architecture Studio Urban Design, Arch 781Critical Inquiry Research Thesis)

12-16  Assistant Professor, School of Architecture,University of Hawaii–Manoa, Honolulu, HI, (Basic Design Studio Arch 101, Arch201, Arch 693 Grad Furniture Design and Fabrication, Arch 690 Grad AdvancedSculpture and Installation, Arch 490 Exhibition Design, Arch 490 SculpturalInstallation)

10-11  Instructor of Record, University ofWisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI, (3D Design)

08-10  Woodshop Supervisor, University ofWisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI, (Teach Woodshop Safety, SuperviseWood/Furniture Classes and Manage Departmental Woodshop and Advanced Woodshop)

05-08  Teaching/Research Assistant, PurdueUniversity, West Lafayette, IN, (Design for Computer Numerical ControlledManufacturing and Introduction to Environmental Conservation)

01-05  Assistant Professor, Furniture DesignDepartment and Landscape Architecture Division, Northeast Forestry University,Harbin, China (Foundations, Interior and Furniture Design, Sculpture and Ice& Snow Art)



2017  Artist of Hawaii Award and Violette Wong HuAward, Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI

2013  First Place, Hawaii Woodshow,(Novice),Honolulu, HI

2012  BLINK Grant, Madison Arts Commission, WI

2011  Fellowship Award-Sculpture, Vermont StudioCenter, VT

2010  Silver Medal, International Snow SculptureCompetition (Team Captain), Quebec, Canada

2010  Cover & winner, The Best of Core77:Favorites from 2009

2008  3rd Place, International Design Awards (IDA)Competition, Los Angeles, CA

2007  Merit Award, Taiwan International DesignCompetition, Taipei, Taiwan

2006  First Place Trophy, Design Emphasis 2006,International Woodworking Fair, Atlanta, GA



2017  Words in Characters, Books as Vehicle, EastAsia Library of Stanford University, Museum of Art at Oklahoma State University

2017  Textscape, Printing the World/Imprimer leMonde (Opening Exhibition of Pompidou 40th Anniversary), Centre Pompidou,Paris, France (Top 40 Key International Digital Artists/Designer)

2017  Artists of Hawaii, Architectural Installationwith Kaili Chun, Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI*

2016  The Spotlight: Functional Lighting asIlluminated Sculpture, the Craft in America Center, LA

2015  Gwangju Design Biennale, South Korea

2015  Across the Divide, Beijing Normal UniversityGallery, Beijing (Arch 201 Students’ Work) *

2014  Time is a Saw: Contemporary Chinese Artists,Crossman Gallery, UW-Whitewater, WI

2014  Aesthetic Afterlife, Haggerty Museum of Art,Milwaukee, WI

2013  Sticky, Group installation with GraduateStudents: School of Architecture Gallery, University of Hawaii–Manoa, Honolulu,HI

2013  JING- International Furniture DesignExhibition & Forum, Visual Art Center at Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

13-14  Fearless Furniture, Indiana State Museum andHistoric Sites, Indianapolis, IN+

12-14  The Tool at Hand, Curated by Ethan Lasser.Originating: Milwaukee Art Museum, travels: Philadelphia Art Alliance, HoustonCenter for Contemporary Craft, Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland

2012  Scary Identity, School of ArchitectureGallery, University of Hawaii–Manoa, Honolulu, HI*

2012  Ossuary, Chazen Museum of Art, University ofWisconsin, WI+

2011  Design for Sitting, Central Academy of FineArts Museum, Beijing, China+

2011  Beijing International Design Triennial,National Museum of China, Beijing, China+

2011  IIDEX/NeoCon, Canada's National Design Expo&Conference, Toronto, CA+

2011  Reconstituted, Memorial Union Porter ButtsGallery, University of Wisconsin, WI*

2010  Outdoor Furniture Exhibition, 2010 FurnitureSociety Conference, MIT, MA+

2010  Forward, Co-Prosperity Sphere, CAAConference, Chicago, IL+

2009  Green Furniture, Milwaukee Art Museum, WI

2007  International 2007 Taiwan Design Expo,Hsiao-Long Cultural Park, Taiwan+

*Denotes Solo Exhibition;+Denotes Juried Exhibition



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2006  Inside cover, Modern Woodworking, October, p4



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2017  H Zhou. Textscape, Imprimer Le MondeExhibition and Symposium, Design and Industrial Prospects, Centre Pompidou inParis, France (Top 30 Key International Digital Artists/Designer)

2015  L Mitchell, H Zhou, Science Fiction and theSpatial-Tectonic Futures of Bodies, the 31st National Conference on theBeginning Design Student, University of Houston, TX

2014  Zhou, H. Design as A Process: Collision and Fusion on the Boundaries, Startrack2: Colorful Multi-Dimensional Design World, 1st Annual World Congress ofDesigners, Dalian, China, p59

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2007  Zhou, H., & Haviarova, E., Adjustablewooden furniture manufactured from CNC technology, The Sixth AdvancingManufacturing Summit. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. Abstracts

2006  Seating Furniture for Plus-Size Population,Zhou, H., & Haviarova , E., Forest Products Society 60th InternationalConvention. Newport Beach, CA. Abstracts, p49


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