Ming Kin Leung

Curriculum Vitae

1970-73          Studied industrial design engineering at the Central School of Art and Design, London (bachelor degree);

1973-75          Studied industrial design at the Royal College of Art, London (master degree);

1975-81          Senior designer at Electrolux head office, Stockholm

1981-82       Design manager at Arthur Martin in Reims, France

1983-84       Senior designer in Pentagram, Ogle design and BIB London

1984-85       Co-founder and Director of Man-Machine Interlink

1985            Partner in CRE Associates

1986-93       Co-founder and Director of Isis product design and engineering UK

1991-93       Director of YRM/Isis product design and engineering UK

1993-95          Consultant to Ministry of Commerce and Industry South Korea

1996-00          Professor, Director of Studies and Vice Dean of the International Design School of Advanced Studies (IDAS), Seoul; visiting lecturer at ENSCI and StrateSchool of Design, Paris; director, creative-cell IDAS/Samsung; project advisor for LG Electronics.

2001               Visiting lecturer in UK, Sweden, France, Austria and Israel.

2002                Founded Corporate Envisioning Team (CET) based in the UK, Major project;

2003-04          Research partner in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Visiting Associate Professor in Residence, Industrial Design, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan.

2005                Lecture in Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts, University of Salzburg, University of Umea, Asia Optical, Nikon China, Business development for Arcola Collective.

2006                Business advisor Goodwin-HartshornIndustrial Design Consultants in the UK.

2007               Consultant to Samick Sports, Akzo Nobel.

2008-2011       Consultant to Isis UK. Visiting professor in Central Academy of Fine Arts;

2012-2016       Partner, Isis UK - product invention and business development; Visiting professor in Central Academy of Fine Arts; 






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