You Fang

You Fang 

Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Director of User Experience/Car Interaction Design Lab


Interaction design, Intelligent vehicle HMI design and evaluation, Intelligent media and communication



a) Undergraduate:Interactive Media Creation, Interaction Design

b) Postgraduate:Interaction Design,User Interface Design, User Research


Education Background

  • University of Bradford (UK), November 2005,second Master Degree

    M. S. in Computer Animation and Special Effects

    Title of Thesis: Characters Design and 3D Animation Expressions in Different Media Cultures;


  • Sun Yat-sen University, July 2003

    Ph.D. in Computer Software and Theory

    Computer Application Institute, Sun Yat-Sen University and Institute of Textile and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University;

  • North West Textile Science & Technology Institute, March 2000

    M.S. in Fashion Design and Engineering

    Fashion Institute, North West Textile Science & Technology Institute.


Work Experience

  • Director, Lab of User Experience/Car Interaction Design, College of Arts and Media, Tongji University, 2013-present;

  • Visiting Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Bremen, host professor: Dr. Prof. Juergen Friedrich, July 2009 – August 2009, research and teaching topic: Interactive Systems -Usability of Digital Media;


  • Director, Digital Media Research Center, Interaction Design Centre, School of Communication and Design, Sun Yat-sen University, November 2005 – 2013.


(a)  Vertical project

2019, Late-stage Projects supported by the National Social Science Fund: Research on Interaction Design Methodology of Intelligent Vehicle;

2020, Special International Science and Technology Cooperation Project of Shenzhen with Department of Psychology, Ulm University, Germany: Research on Cognitive Scene and Development of Interactive System for Automotive Robot in Intelligent Vehicle;

2021, Ministry of Education, "Human Factors and Ergonomics" Cooperative Education Project: Curriculum Reconstruction of Intelligent Interactive Design based on Intelligent Vehicle;

2020, Ministry of Education, "Human Factors and Ergonomics" Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project: Reconstruction of Intelligent Interactive Design Courses Based on Digital Cockpit;

2020, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Tongji University "Ministry-University Co-construction and Academic-Media Cooperation" Project: Digital Media and Cognitive Technology Research;

2020, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Tongji University "Ministry-University Co-construction and Academic-Media Cooperation" Project: Research on New Social Relationships in Smart Cities and Social Acceptance of Smart Vehicles in Emergency and Epidemic Prevention Scenarios;

2019, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Tongji University "Ministry- University Co-construction and Academic-Media Cooperation" Project: Research on Digital Media Information Services in Smart Cities;

2018, Ministry of Education Collaborative Education Project: Sino-Kechuangda Software Co., Ltd.: Intelligent Cockpit Kanzi Learning Lab Joint Laboratory Construction;

2014, Ministry of Education, Digital Media Professional Group Teaching Resource Library Sub-project Construction: Creative Media Design, Information Organization Structure, Usability Testing;

2014, Tongji University Young Talents Program (Key Talent Program): Research on User Behavior and Information Dissemination Forms in Social Media;

2008, National Natural Science Foundation (Microsoft Research Asia Jointly Funded Projects): General Environment Where Your Next Based on User Behavior Analysis 3DGUI Research Interaction Methods;

2006, National Natural Science Foundation of China (China-Korea Cooperation Fund) cooperated with Kookmin University of Korea, Technological Level Analysis on On-line Game Technology Components between Korean and Chinese Developers and its human interaction technology.


(b) Educational Reform Project

1. 2020, Shanghai First-class Undergraduate Course (Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Course, Arts): Digital Shadow Puppet Animation Virtual Experiment" Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Project;

2. 2020, Key Undergraduate Course Construction Project of Tongji University: "Interaction Design", ;

3. 2020, Tongji Postgraduate Textbook Publishing Fund;

4. 2019, the twelfth phase of the Boutique Experimental Project;

5. 2018, Postgraduate Textbook Publishing Fund;

6. 2017, School-level Excellent Experimental Project: Interactive Media;

7. 2016, Experimental Teaching Reform 11: Research and Development of Novel Experimental Projects;

8. 2014, Graduate Excellent (Core) Curriculum Construction: Interaction Design.


(c)Horizontal items

1. 2020, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.: Usability Evaluation Project for Driving and Riding Scenarios;

2. 2019, Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd.: Baidu Apollo Central Control Screen Interface Design;

3. 2018, SAIC Passenger Vehicle Company Vehicle Integration Department: Interactive Design of Driver Control Screen Based on Multi-screen Interaction, HUD Visual Design Specification Research and Experiment;

4. 2017, Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd.: Design Based on the Overall User Experience of Time-sharing Rental Services, Research on User Needs of Time-sharing Rental and Shared Cars, and Conceptual Positioning;

5. 2016, Shenzhen Liancheng Shared Electric Car Rental Co., Ltd.: Interactive Design of Liancheng Shared Electric Car Business System.


(d)Invention patent or software copyright 

1. Invention patent: A method and system for prompting object interactive information based on augmented reality environment, 2021, China;

2. Invention patent: A dynamic sound adjustment method and system based on mixed reality space, 2021, China;

3. Invention patent: A chemical experiment guidance system and method based on the virtual and real fusion environment, 2021, China;

4. Invention patent: A vehicle fleet sorting automatic display system and method based on IoV V2X communication, 2020, China;

5. Invention Patent: A method for detecting and displaying the blind spot on the rear side of a car based on AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display technology, 2019, China;

6. Invention Patent: A method for using 3D sound field to carry out side and rear BSD anti-collision warning prompts, application date: 2019, China;

7. Invention Patent: A method for generating a grid-like dynamic diversity menu, 2019, China;

8. Invention Patent: An interactive method of online search, 2017, China;

9. Utility model patent: Interactive design method digital content sand table training teaching aid, 2017, China;

10. Exterior design: Unmanned flying cockpit, 2020, China;

11. Exterior design: Unmanned logistics vehicle for fresh food distribution, 2020, China ;

12. Appearance design: Graphical user interface based on the body structure of an unmanned logistics vehicle for fresh food distribution, 2020, China;

13. Exterior design: Unmanned logistics delivery truck, 2020, China ;

14. Software Work: Digital Cockpit Virtual Interactive Experience System Software, 2019, China;

15. Software Work: Driver Behavior Analysis Software for Smart Car Driving Simulator, 2019, China.



1.      Fang You,Jun Zhang,Building a mutually transparent human-computer symbiosis society under intelligent algorithms, Media criticism, accepted (CSSCI source);

2.      Jianmin Wang, Yuxi Wang, Yujia Liu, Tianyang Yue, Chengji Wang, Weiguang Yang, Preben Hansen, Fang You(Corresponding author)*, Experimental Study on Abstract Expression of Human-Robot Emotional Communication, Symmetry, 14 September 2021,(SCI);

3.      Jianmin Wang, Yujia Liu*, Tianyang Yue, Chengji Wang, Jinjing Mao, Yuxi Wang, Fang You(Corresponding author)*, Robot Transparency and Anthropomorphic Attributes Effects on Human–Robot Interaction, Sensors,25 August 2021, (SCI);

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7.      Fang You, Yi-Fan Yang, Meng-Ting Fu, Jun Zhang,* and Jian-Min Wang, Design Guidelines for the Size and Length of Chinese Characters Displayed in the Intelligent Vehicle's Central Console Interface Information, Information, 12(5):213, P 1-12,2021.05, (EI);

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9.      Wangjianmin, Liu Yujia, Li Yang, You Fang(Corresponding author)*, Vehicle Human-Machine Interface Design Based on Situational Awareness, Packaging Engineering, 2021,42(6), Peking University Core;

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11.   You Fang, Zhang Jinghui, Zhang Jun, Deng Huijun, Liu Yujia, Interaction Design of Trust-based Takeover System in Smart Cars, Packaging Engineering, 42(6):20-28, Peking University Core;

12.   Jin Xin, Li Liping, Yang Yifan, Fu Meng Ting, Li Yaru, You Fang (Corresponding author), in the control touchscreen button Study on Automotive Human Machine Interface Evaluation of Packaging Engineering, 2021 Nian 9 month second 18 journals, Beijing University core;

13.   You Fang, Xie Yukun, Li Yaru, Xu Yijun, The application of electrical skin measurement in virtual simulation cockpit experiment teaching, laboratory research and exploration, 2021, 02 (40): 96-101, Peking University core, CSCD;

14.   Zhang Bihan, You Fang(Corresponding author)*, Research on external vehicle interaction design based on AAM model, Journal of Graphics, 2020, 12 (41), Peking University core, CSCD.

15.   You Fang, Yang Yifan, Fu Mengting, Wang Jifang, Luo Xiaojun, Li Liping, Preben Hansen, and Wang Jianmin, Icon Design Recommendations for Central Consoles of Intelligent Vehicles, International Conference on Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies, 2020【EI】;

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17.   Jianmin Wang, Wang Wenjuan, Preben Hansen, Li, Yang & You Fang(Corresponding author)*. The Situation Awareness and Usability Research of Different HUD HMI Design in Driving While Using Adaptive Cruise Control. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 2020【EI】;

18.   Cheng Cuiqiong, You Fang(Corresponding author)*, Hansen Preben, Wang Jianmin, Design Methodologies for Human-Artificial Systems Design: An Automotive AR-HUD Design Case Study. Intelligent Human Systems Integration 2019【EI】;

19.   Wang Jianmin, Wang Wenjuan, Li Xiaomeng, You Fang(Corresponding author)*. (2019) Effects of Time Headway and Velocity on Drivers’ Trust in the HMI of ACC System – a Simulator-Based Study. International Conference Human-Computer Interaction International 2019【EI】;

20.   You Fang, Zhang Jinghui, Wang Jianmin, Fu Megnting., Lin Zhenghe. (2019) The Research on Basic Visual Design of Head-Up Display of Automobile Based on Driving Cognition. International Conference of Human-Computer Interaction International 2019【EI】;

21.   Chen Yuanyuan,You Fang(Corresponding author)*,Wang Jian-min, Ronald Schroeter,Measuring user experience in situ: Use emotion data to assess user experience, Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference 2017【EI】;

22.   You Fang, Wang Yujia, Wang Jianmin *, Zhu Xichan, Preben Hansen,Take-Over Requests Analysis in Conditional Automated Driving and Driver Visual Research Under Encountering Road Hazard of Highway,Proceeding of the AHFE 2017 International conference on human factors and systems interaction 2017【EI】;

23.   You Fang, Li Yang, Ronald Schroeter, Jurgen Friedrich, Wang Jianmin, Using Eye tracking to help design Hud based safety indicators for lane changes, AutomotiveUI 2017【EI】;

24.   Chen-xi Jin, You Fang(Corresponding author)*, Jian-min Wang, Automotive HUD Interaction Design Based on Lane Changing Scenario, International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 2016【EI】;

25.   You Fang, Tan Yuxin, Feng Jinsong, Li Linshen, Lin Jing, Liu Xin, Research on Virtual Training System in Aerospace Based on Interactive Environment, International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 2016【EI】;


 Academic monographs

1. 2020, You Fang, Wang Jianmin, Cai Zejia, "Interaction Design - Design Thinking and Practice 2.0”, Electronic Industry Press;

2. 2017, You Fang, Wang Jianmin, Xiao Jingru, "Interaction Design - Design Thinking and Practice", Electronic Industry Press;

3. 2017, You Fang and Wang Jianmin, "Usability Test", Sun Yat-sen University Press;

4. 2016, You Fang, Wang Jianmin, "Human - Car - Future", Tongji University Electronic Audiovisual Publishing House;

5. 2010, You Fang, Hans Dehlinger, Wang Jianmin, etc., "Generative Art: Aesthetic Events Based on Lines and Squares", Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House;

6. 2010, You Fang and Qian Jun, textbook, "Original Painting Designer", China Labor and Social Security Publishing House.


 Honors and Awards 

1.      2021, Second Prize of Tongji University Yucai Award.

2.      2020, Third Prize of teaching achievement of Tongji University;

3.      2020, Second Prize of textbook achievements of Tongji University;

4.      2018, Xincheng Awards of Tongji University;

5.      2014, Graduate Excellent (Core) Curriculum Construction-Interaction Design, Tongji University, finished the evaluation of "Excellent";

6.      2003, Two papers, British Literati Club: International's Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, Awards for Outstanding Paper in 2002 at The MOST (Best Paper Award), ranked first;

7.      2001, the computer-aided clothing design and textile and clothing industry information integration system won the "First Prize of China's Advanced Science and Technology Progress Award" by the Ministry of Education, the main participant, ranked sixth;

8.      2021,  as  instructor, Gold Medal of the 2nd "Coretron Cup" University Human-Machine Interaction Design Competition - "HoloCommute - Immersive and Interactive Mobile Space Design for Travel";

9.      2021,  as instructor, the winner of the finals of the 2nd "Xinchuang Cup" University Human-Machine Interaction Design Competition for Future Vehicles - "Design of the Flower Accompaniment Intelligent Flower Unmanned Vending Vehicle";

10.   2021, as instructor, 2021 The 13th International User Experience Innovation Competition, National Third Prize - "Design of Intelligent Flower Retailing System of Flower Accompaniment";

11.   2019, as  instructor, she won the "China-Shenzhen Cup" 2019 National University New Energy Vehicle Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the Most Commercial Potential Award, "Remote Charging Service Design", China Association of Science and Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Society Consortium, New Energy Vehicle National Big Data Alliance;

12.   2019, as  instructor, in the first Core Automotive Future Human-computer Interaction Cup Design Competition among universities, Silver finals, "Design and implementation of interactive driving simulator of unmanned trucks external screen", Automotive Electronics Industry Alliance;

13.   2008, 2010, as instructor, two times get Apple's student competition first prize and special prize items;



Emaily: oufang@tongji.edu.cn


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