WU Duan

Doctor and associate professor

Teacher and master supervisor in the field of Environmental Design


Research orientation:

Environmental design, environmental graphic design, public design, information design, and wayfinding signage system design


Main courses:

Undergraduate courses: Professional Design 5, Professional Design 1

Graduate courses: Environmental Graphic Design Research, Design Frontier

Academic and social post

A member of the International Environmental Graphic Designer Association

Head of the Environmental Graphics Office, Tongji Tiandi Creative Design Research Institute


Education Background:

2008: earned the degree of Doctor of Architecture (PhD) from Tongji University

2006: academic visit at Venice International University

2004: earned the degree of Master of Design from Tongji University

2002: earned the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design from Tongji University


Work Experience:

2008-present: working as a lecturer at the Tongji University College of Design and Innovation

2010: worked as an exchange lecturer at Konstfack University, Sweden


Representative research results and works:

Vertical projects:

2012-2014: Research on cross-media integration of wayfinding signage systems in the information age (first person in charge), a project funded by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities

2009-2010: Integrated research on the history of art design for contemporary Chinese design education (first person in charge), a project funded by Tongji University Liberal Arts Foundation

Horizontal projects:

2012-2013: Design of a wayfinding signage system for Nanjing China Green Expo Garden (project leader)

2011-2012: Environmental Graphic Design for Tongji University Training Base (project leader)

2010-2011: Development and design of Nuoent bag and suitcase images and products (project leader)

2011-2012: Comprehensive design of KIC Phase I & II plaza space (second person in charge)

2009-2012: Research on the design of a wayfinding signage system for Shanghai Tower, a super-high-rise building (second person in charge)

2009-2012: Research on the design of Fushun’s colors and urban scape (second person in charge)


Representative works, textbooks, papers, patents and exhibitions in the latest five years:


Zhou Rui, Fan Shengxi, and Wu Duan. History of Design Art [M]. Higher Education Press, 2008.11.


[1] Wu Duan. A New Arena - A Preliminary Probe into the Subject of Environmental Graphic Design [J]. Grand Design, 2011.8: starting and ending page numbers

[2] Wu Duan. Research on Improvement of the Methods for Teaching the Subject of Design in the Information Age [A]. Collection of Papers of Teachers Present at the 9th National Annual Conference on the Teaching of the Program of Architecture and Environmental Art Design of Fine Arts Colleges & Universities, 2011.12: starting and ending page numbers

[3] Wu Duan, Fan Rong. Service design and urban color planning. DESIGN MANAGEMENT: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE-2nd Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference Proceedings, 2013.9. CambridgeInstitute for Manufacturing Department of Engineering, UK

[4] Wu Duan, Fan Rong, Zhang Xueqing. Urban Color Planning Research from the Perspective of Service Design——the Case Study of Nanjing River West New District Color Plan, The 9th Conference of Colour Proceedings, 2013.9. Florence University, Italy

[5] Wu Duan, Yin Zhengsheng. Designing to Lead More Sustainable Behavior– Case Studies for the Sustainable Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Graphic Design, Projecting Design 2012Global Design Bridge CUMULUS Conference Proceedings, 2012.11. SANTIAGO, CHILE

[6] Wu Duan. New Methods to Improve Teaching Quality in the New Era, E&PDE 2012 Design education for future wellbeing conference Proceedings, 2012.9. Antwerp University, Belgium

[7] Wu Duan. How Do Signage Design Influence User’s Behavior, 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion conference Proceedings, 2012.8. London UK.


Honors and Awards:

2012: The second prize of Tongji University Teaching Bonus

2011: winning prize and group first prize in Tongji University Young Teachers’ Lecture Competition

2011: Best organization award in the Ophone Themed Design Competition sponsored by China Mobile Research Institute


International exchanges and activities:

2013: Read a paper at the 2nd Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference

2013: Gave a keynote speech at the 2013 Conference of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design

2013: Attended teaching training at University of British Columbia

2012: Read a paper at the 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion

2012: Read a paper at the 14th International Conference on Engineering and Industrial Design Education

2010: Worked as an exchange teacher at KONSTFACK University, Sweden

2008: Paid an exchange visit at the Department of Architecture, University of IUAV of Venice


Contact information:

Email: duannnn@gmail.com


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