YU Ying

Meistershuelerin in Contemporary Art, Diplom in Free Fine Art

Associate Professor of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

Post-graduate Supervisor of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University


History of Western Art

Design Strategy and Theory

Design and Research of Culture Creative Industries:Chinese cultural expriences and design, Visual Culture

Art Therapy and Spiritual Growth



Art and Spiritual Growth

Career Morality Education of Arts

Basic course of Design:Sketch,Colour Painting

Chinese Cultural Experiences and Design

Academic and social Post

·Coordinator and Translator of International Scholarship Awards Workshop forSahaj Marg in India, 2013

·Volunteer for Research andTraining Center for Youth Education in Mental Health of East Normal University,Shanghai, 2013

· Thebrochure of the 3thAcademy Shanghai Contemporary Prints Competition & Exhibition, Editor MemberofOrganizing Committee, 2012

·Coordinator and Translator of International Scholarship Training Program forSahaj Marg in India, 2012

·Complete Certificate of advanced training in Meditation at the HeadquartersTraining Institute of the Foundation, Sahaj Marg, 2012

·Commissioner of Green Living Magazine,2011



  2011-2013      DAAD Program between TongjiUniversity and Freiburg University.Attendance of Master’s DegreeProgram in Psychosomatic Medicineand Psychotherapy


  2007-2008      University of WestminsterLondon, UK,(Ministry of Education PCL Program, supported by CSC fund, research onVisual Culture and Cultural Creative Industry 


  2004-2005      Johannes Gutenberg UniversityMainz Germany Meistershuelerin in Contemporary Art               


  2000-2003      JohannesGutenberg University Mainz Germany Diplom in Free Fine Art


  1994-1998      Shanghai University College ofFine Art Bachelor degree in Literature Major in OilPainting 



 Dec.2010-Apr.2011                 Coordinator of Preparation Committeeof Sino-Italian Design and Innovation

 May.2009-May.2010               Coordinatorof Preparation Committee of Chinese Cultural Center, Tongji University

 Sep.2008-May.2009         Coordinator of Preparation Committee ofCollege of  Design and Innovation,Tongji University

 Sept.2008-Jan.2010                 Chief of Section of General Affairs of Office of Alumni Affairs and Development

Sept.2005-June.2009      Teacherof fine arts section, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

 April.2004-Aug.2007               Officer of International Exchange &Cooperation, Office, Tongji University, Shanghai

 April.2004-Aug.2007               PublicRelationship Development Manager of Sino-German FriendshipHospital Project of Tongji University 



Major Research Projects

[1]PlanningProposals for the Development of the Artistic Disciplines in Tongji University,         Arts Fund of Tongji University,2007-2009

[2]Analysis of the Roles and Functions of ArtDesign Education in the Cultural and Creativity Industry ——A Co-discussion onAdvanced Experience of the University of the Arts London on the Art DesignEducation , Youth Fund of Ministry of Education P.R.C, 2008-2011

[3]A Study of European Art and DesignEducation's Experience in the Creative Industry -- A Case Study of ShanghaiYangpu No.1 Design Field ,Outstanding YouthScholars of Tongji University (Arts and Humanities) ,2010

[4]The Key Technologies andApplication Demonstration of Resource Center Based on Super-Computing and Cloud Computing National Science and Technology SupportPlan, Ministry of Science and Technology P.R.C. (first participant in TongjiUniversity), 2012

[5]Research on KeyTechnology of Sino-Italian Digital Media Interactive Design, Basic ScienceDiscipline Research Project of Tongji University, 2011

 Other Research Projects

[1]A Study on the Construction ofAutomotive Industry Information Service Platform and its Service Mechanism , Shanghai Municipal Science &Technology Commission2006.10-2009.12

[2] 3-ZoneInteraction in Yangpu District: A Research on Mechanism Innovation,Ministry of Science andTechnology,2009.07-2010.12

[3]CrossCultural Issues in UK-China Research Collaborations Research Council UK, RoyalSociety (UK), Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Management TongjiUniversity, Tianjin University,2008-2009

[4]The Key Technologies of Seismic Explorationand Seismic Geological Research in Southern Marine Carbonate Area of China , Sub Project of Sinopec’s Major Project

[5]Planning Proposals for the Development of the Artistic Disciplinesin Tongji University, Arts Fund of Tongji University

[6] Technologies development and prototypebased on J2ME of the next generation network intelligent terminal core2007-2011

[7]Based on the research of NGN smart multi-servicebusiness family gateway and prototype, 2006-2011

[8]T6280general terminal comprehensive tester industrialization, 2010

[9]OSGioriented research and development of intelligent wireless car service gateway,2009-2011

[10] The EvolutionalPrinciples and Public Governance of Network Cultural Industry based on NetworkEcosystem, National Nature and Science Fund for Youth (first participant),2011-2014



[1]2012The Development of Education Network in Taiwan Area was published in ChinaEducation Network (2012 No.3)

[2]2011Sino-Italy Cooperation on Art Education—an Introduction of CIDIC (conferencepaper for Female · Creativity · Cities)

[3]2011Large-Scale Education Resource Discovering and Sharing Based on UpnP   presentation at the Workshop on ModernInformation Technology in Education(MITE2011)

[4] 2010          Try to Promote CNGI to the Commercial:the University and the ICP to be Work Together was published in China EducationNetwork (2010 No.12)

[5]2010Dream-chasing Swedish Girls was published in Jiefang Daily (Zhaohua No.6618)

[6] 2010            The Creative Operation Model of CityCreative Industry by Combination of City, District and University-----CaseStudy of Shanghai Yangpu No.1 Design Field was published in Special ZoneEconomy (2010 No.10)

[7] 2009 Untitled Traditional ChinesePainting was published in Jiefang Daily(Zhaohua No.6488)

[8]2009 The “Dao” of ChineseCalligraphy waspublished in Jiefang Daily (Zhaohua No.6463)

[9]2009 Analysis of the Roles of Art and Design Education in theCultural and Creative Industry——Case Study of University of Arts London waspublished in Journal of Tongji University (Social Science Section 2009 No.5),p63-66

[10] 2009 Pouring New life into Shikumen: OurApproach to Conservation of Modern Architecture in Shanghai Book: Andrea Canziani (ed.), Conservingarchitecture. Planned Conservation of XX century Architectural Heritage ElectaPress


Honorsand Awards

The Instructor award of 3th Academy Shanghai ContemporaryPrints Competition &

Exhibition, 2011

Internationalexchanges and ectivities 

1. Participating in Tongji - Freiburg psychosomaticmedicine and psychotherapy summer

   school master's project, studying on theArts Therapy

2. participating in TongjiUniversity’s Sino-Finland Center TAT moving classroom 

   program, visiting Aalto University, Finland

3. 2010, at the invitation of culturalexchanges committee, the ministry of foreign affairs of   

Sweden, visiting Sweden andcultural creative industries



Email: yuying@tongji.edu.cn




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