XU Yihong

Xu Yihong

Associate Professor, Master Instructor


Brief Introduction

   Xu Yihong, associate professor of Tongji University, doctor of architecture, senior architect, urban planner, and interior designer, He was awarded as top ten outstanding designers in Shanghai. Graduated from Tongji University and active in architectural design, history and theoretical research, He won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. He used to be the chairman of Shanghai University Creative Design Education Base. He is a domestic authoritative scholar in the field of Art Deco, publishing "The Origin and Flow of Art Deco" and other monographs. As a scholar-type architect, he is also active in design and has made numbers of creation works, and got Shanghai Excellent Design Award and other honors.



Environmental Design、Architectural Design、Interior Design、Design Strategy and Management、Design History and Theory



Undergraduate:《Introduction to Design》、《Design technology 2》

Postgraduate: 《Design, Fashion and Film》《Technology in Environmental Design》


Academic and social Post

Member of Shanghai Institute of Architects

Member of China Architectural Society Interior Design Branch


Education Background

1999-2004   PhD in Architecture Department of Tongji University

1996-1999   Master of Architecture Department of Tongji University

1990-1994   Architecture Department of Tongji Interior Design Bachelor


Work Experience

2004-Now    Tongji University Lecturer and Associate Professor

1994-1996    Chinese and American Architectural Design Company (Class A) Architect


Design (Unless otherwise noted, are the project leader or the chief designer)

Research projects:

2020, research on the Inner vitality of cultural buildings, research on the heritage renovation and Indoor renewal of Nangong historic buildings

2017, research of innovation and service system for community center. research of innovation and service design for party branch. research of city waterfront area interactive lighting.

2016, innovative research on Jinxiuyuan community center in xinghualing district, Taiyuan City

2015, Hengdeli innovative design research

2010, research on the protection and utilization of Art Deco architectural heritage in Shanghai

2008, architectural design of Gansu Grand Theater, Shanghai university students creative design training base.

2007, protection and renewal design of the Bund 9th building, Shanghai university jewelry technology public training base (the second period).

2006, Shanghai university jewelry technology public training base (the first period).


Design project:

2021, protection and repair and renewal design of Sichuan science and technology museum.

2020, urban planning of Guifu red town in Sichuan. urban planning of two rivers and four banks lighting of Qujiang, Sichuan.

2019, the design of the national intangible heritage Liu's bamboo weaving museum. the renovation and renewal design of Taiyuan workers cultural palace, Shanxi Province.

2018, architectural design of Taiyuan Xinghualing cultural activity center, Shanxi Province.

2017, urban planning of Hanjiang riverside lighting

2016, renewal and preservation design of Saint Vritue Pavilion,

research of spatial optimization for Lanzhou railway bureau control center.

2015, protection and renewal design of Meishan ancient town, architectural design of Xining nursing home, architectural design of Xining child welfare institute.

2014, urban planning of Xining motor city, international architectural competition of headquarters of China Shipping Group (the second award).

2013, architectural design of Yellow River Pavilion.

2012, architectural and interior design of Volvo China head office.

2011, architectural design of Huijin skyscraper(the core research).

2010, research on the protection and utilization of Art Deco architectural heritage in Shanghai, interior design of research center of Shanghai Electric, architectural design of Zhengjue Buddhist Temple.

2009, architectural design of Hainan province second court.

2005, protection design of Jiang Tai Gong Cenotaph site.

2004, architectural design of Shanghai London tower.




1.Xu Yihong. (2006). The origin and spread of the Art Deco --- A study on the relationship between Chinese and western modern architecture. Nanjing: Southeast University Press.


1.Xu Yihong. (2021). Research on Space Optimization Design of Elevated-Underground Transfer Station. URBAN MASS TRANSIT.

2.Xu Yihong. (2019). Optimum Design of Airport VIP Lounge. BUILDING PRACTICES.

3.Xu Yihong. (2019). Research on Interaction Design of Urban Lighting. TOWN CONSTRUCTION.

4.Xu Yihong. (2016). The influence of green building technology on the design of ultra - high - rise buildings. HUAZHONG ARCHITECTURE.

5.Xu Yihong. (2015). Innovation design of green technology compound photovoltaic park based on sustainable principle. Architectural Engineering Technology and Design.

6.Xu Yihong. (2017). A study on the optimization design of the subway transfer space experience. URBAN MASS TRANSIT.

7.Xu Yihong. (2009). The Chinese elements in the Art Deco architecture of Shanghai. Commemoration of China's establishment of the 80 anniversary of the establishment of the international symposium on the international academic symposium.

8.Xu Yihong. (2007). Analysis on the structural factors in the architecture design of contemporary terminal.

9.Xu Yihong. (2007). Art Deco style in jewelry art.


Honors and Awards

2011, top ten designer of Shanghai city.

2008, the third prize of science and technology progress of Shanghai.

2007, the second prize of excellent design in Shanghai.


International Exchanges and Activities

2021,Shanghai Pearl Art Museum "Opening the Book with Art" Lecture Series.

2019, Shanghai Film Museum "Film X Architecture" Special Lecture.

2015, Van Cleef & Arpels of Richemont Group.

2014, International exhibition of Art Deco——Art Deco Weekend Shanghai.

2013, modular expert project "digital construction technology and material".

2013, research institute of human-based fusion design.



Email: a35035@126.com


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