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DU Qin

Email: du4qin1@gmail.com

Address: College of Design and Innovation, 281 Fuxin Rd., Yangpu District, Shanghai

Du Qin, Dr., Associate Professor & Graphic designer, was born in Shanghai in 1979. He is dedicated to

research, teaching, practice, curation and writing of visual communication design and cross-disciplinary

design. Through various angles and multiple identities, Du Qin tries to explore the boundaries of

contemporary graphic design.

His academic interest and his doctoral thesis is focused on the basic studies of Hanzi-based typography

by examining the evolution of the text image and letterpress printing and typesetting technology of modern

China. Through this research, he proposes a basic framework for discussing and evaluating contemporary

Chinese typography, and to suggest possible methodologies in Chinese typography that draws references

from both Chinese typographic traditions, and past and contemporary technologies and mediums.

Education Background

1997–2001 B.A. in English major, Nanjing University

2004.9–12 Central Academy of Fine Arts, Assistant Teacher, Studio 7, School of Design

2005.2–7 Masters Certificate in Visual Communication, National School of Design, Swinburne

University of Technology

2005–2006 Guest study, Interactive Design and Graphic Design at Designskolen Kolding

2012.10 Resident researcher, Dept. of Visual Communication Design, Musashino Art University,

Tokyo, Japan

2010–2014 PhD study, School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Professional Experiences

2006–2007 Journalist, Art and Design Magazine, Beijing

2007–2008 China Office, AIGA (US Professional Association for Design)

2008–2009 Theme development and academic coordination, ICOGRADA World Design Congress

2009 Beijing

2008.10 Exhibition design, NO+CH Visual Art and Design Exhibition

2010.1–5 Assistant Curator, Taking a Stance: Eight Attitudes from Architecture, Fashion, Product

and Book Design of China and the Netherlands

2010.9–12 Design Director, NO+CH 10 Re-public (Beijing)

2013.10–11 Tongji Design Week 2013, Visual Identity and promotion design

2013.11–2014.4 Official web site design, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

2014.10–11 Tongji Design Week 2014, Visual Identity and promotion design

Teaching Experiences

2011.9–11 Lecturer, Northern Voices, Southern Tones—Collaboration Course with China Academy

Fine Arts (Hangzhou)

2011.9–12 Lecturer, Interactive Design Major, Beijing Aviation University.

2011.10–12 Lecturer, Studio 7, Latin Typography in the context of Hanzi-based Graphic Design

2010–2012 Lecturer, Advanced Chinese and Latin Typography, Studio 11, School of Design,

Central Academy of Fine Arts

2012.6 Academic moderator, Typography Workshop, UCCA

2014.3– Four Orders of Design – lectures and workshop on visual communication design for

freshman year students, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University


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