MO Jiao


Associate Professor

Director, Material Application and Design Lab (MA&D)

Tongji University


Associate Professor MO Jiao has over 20 years of experience in various design areas, including interior, furniture, production, and exhibition. She has been actively involved in design education at Tongji University since 2006. Her expertise ranges from material-driven design to service-oriented design, employing effective and innovative strategies and methodologies. The principles of her design are to enrich the user experience, improve people’s quality of life, and embrace sustainable resources.


In 2016, Associate Professor MO established the Material Application and Design Lab (MA&D) in the College of Design and Innovation. The purpose of MA&D is to explore, experiment, and demonstrate many applications of unique materials and emerging technology used in the design. Today, MA&D has evolved from a vague idea to an entity with a clear vision. It has helped transform the design from concept to concrete prototype, serves students and faculty in course studies and research projects. 


Associate Professor MO is actively involving in international design exchanges, she curated several influenced exhibitions in national museum and biennale and authored books, papers and owns several patents of design. Her Louis XV Wine Rack design piece has been exhibited and collected by museums and private collectors.



Furniture Design

Material Application

Service-Oriented Design



Discipline Course, Undergraduate

Industrial Design 1, Industrial Design 4

Design Technology 1

Studio 5

Sustainable Consciousness (Lecture)


Leading Project

-        The Boeing Company

2022-present, A Projection-based System of Digital Media Representation Designed for Commercial Flights

2021-present, Data-allied Horse Stall, a Product and Service System

2019-2020, Future Aviation Food & Beverage Service System Design

2018-2019, Seat Optimization Design for Economy Class

-        Bosch Power Tool

2022, Research and design the digital touchpoint concept to sustain tradesmen’s career with social respect and accomplishment recognition,

2021, Battery-based tool innovation

-        LVMH

2021-present, Sustainable luxury package

-        COVESTRO

2020-present, Coffee ground MDF design application

-        Peace Parks Foundation

2017-2020, Xi-project, from rhino conservation to animal warfare


2015-2018, Robotic Innovation in the domestic environment


2021, Upon the cloud furniture for Xintiandi retail space

2019, Package design for Absolut vodka

2018, Portable package of Jacob’s Creek wine

-        Shine Shanghai

2010-present, Shine Shanghai Concept Design Event, www.shineshanghai.com

-        Other Project

2022, IP character of Entrepreneur in Africa, Paradise Foundation

2021, IP character of china aerospace, Shanghai AeroSpace-Tanwei Media Technology

2020, Design with recycled coffee ground, KAFFTEC

2020, Post pandemic house hold product, IKEA

2019, Design solution for sleeping improvement, FOTILE

2019, 2035 mobility in Shanghai, NISSAN

2018, China Trends CMF Research and design, JLR

2017-present, Chinese regional culture CMF research, design and application, www.cmfchinaid.tongji.edu.cn

2016, UPM Biofore Tea House, UPM



-        CHEN, X., MO, J. & XV, S. (2018) Furniture Design, Shanghai people’s fine arts publishing house, ISBN 978-7-5586-0608-3

-        CHEN, Y. & MO, J. (2016) Artifact Beyond – Design in China Now, Shanghai people’s fine arts publishing house, ISBN 978-7-5322-9551-7

-        TRAPANI, P., MO, J. & MA, K. (2022) A product-service system design approach for the frame innovation of Food and Beverage on board of civil aviation aircraft, DRS2022, https://doi.org/10.21606/drs.2022.323 

-        MO, J. (2018), Design Driven Crafts Studies (2018) 3rd Asian Materials Education Symposium, AMES2018

-        MO, J. (2017) Stool Design and Making in Industrial Design Course of D&I, Journal of The China Academy of Art, V.38, p123-128



2022, Digital Existentialism, West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai

2021, Hello Rhino Alley, Rhino Theme Exhibition and Workshop in Lalaport, Shanghai

2020, MA&D WOOD, Wood and innovation, Shanghai, Curator

2019, XI-XI Balance, Rhino installation in Shanghai Design Week, Xintiandi Shanghai, Curator

2019, Shanghai Sample, St.Etienne Design Biennale, France, Curator

2017, UPM Biofore Tea House, Design Shanghai

2017, We Love Finland 100 Shanghai Celebration, Project Manager

2015, Artifact Beyond Design in China Now, Design Museum Helsinki, Curator

2015, Trends Eco Nordic in Shanghai design week, Curator

2014-2017, Nordic Design and Innovation Week, Project Manager

2013, 60 Years Retrospective Furniture Design of Yrjo Kukkapuro’s, Curator

2013, Circulation Modern Furniture Design in China, Curator,

2010, 2011, 2017, SaloneSatellite, Milan Furniture Fair


Education Background

  Master Degree in Furniture Design, Honorary Mention of Academic Excellence, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 2005,

Bachelor of Industrial Design, Tongji University, Shanghai, 2001


Other Experiences

 Founder of Mosmode furniture and NOOON glassware, www.mosmode.com

Co-Founder of Xilab, a platform of Rhino protection social innovation project, www.xilab.cn

Coordinator of Shine Shanghai Design Event, www.shineshanghai


Email: jmo@tongji.edu.cn


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