YAO Xueyan

YAO Xueyan

Associate Professor

Doctor of Engineering in Urban Planning and Design

Master Supervisor, College of Design and Innovation

National Registered Urban Planner (No. GH20053100497)


Brief Introduction

     YAO Xueyan is the associate professor of Design Science at College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. Her teaching and research address issues of urban residential landscape design, innovative strategies and methodologies on urban public space, as well as Green and Sustainable Environmental Design. She has been in charge of or participating in research projects on Residential Landscape architecture, Public Art, Innovative Design & Innovation City, and has completed research subjects and projects as Awareness of Green Development Concept, Biodiversity and Biophilic Planning and Design, Strategies on Ecological Civilization, Urban Flood-Prevention Research" etc. As an urban planner and landscape architect, she has been engaged in many Design Research Practices, ranging from large research projects as Specific study on Ecological strategies in urban planning and design, to small-scaled ones as Sustainable Workshops. In the past few years, her research interests have gradually evolved more in Rural Revitalization, Art Intervening in Rural Areas, as well as urban-rural interaction.



Sustainable environmental planning and design, Urban-rural interaction, Space innovation



Undergraduate: Sustainability Consciousness, Environmental Design, Visual Morphology Creation, Design Foundation, Design Thinking and Expression, etc.


Academic and social Post

Member of Green Campus Committee, China Green Building Council (2013-present)


Education Background

2003-2007, Doctor in Urban Planning and Design, Tongji University

1997-2000, Master in Urban Planning and Design, Tongji University

1993-1997, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in Urban Planning, Tongji University


Work Experience

2011-present, Associate Professor and Lecturer in College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

2000-2011, Lecturer and Teaching Assistant in Tongji University Higher Technical College



  • 2020-present, Service-driven Environmental Design Consulting Project in Longnan rural area (Project Leader)

  • In 2019, Participatory Art Creation Experiment in Yanping village commissioned by the People's Government of Yanping District, Nanping City and Shanghai Ruanyisan Urban Heritage Foundation (Project Leader)

  • 2018-2019, Park City Connotation Research of the Park City Special Study of Chengdu Urban Planning Administration (Participant) 

  • In 2018, the International Joint Laboratory Open Fund Project of the Special Research Fund of Shanghai International Innovation Design Institute and Shanghai Type IV Peak Plateau Disciplines of Design, Research on Modern Urban Public Environment Design (Project Leader)

  • 2017-2020, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Planning Fund Project of Research on the Public Construction Strategy of Shanghai Urban Community Ecological Environment oriented by the Awareness of Green Development Concept (Project Leader)

  • 2015-2018, Sub-topic 1 of Domestic and international urban flood disaster prevention and control experiences and problems (Main Writer), the Major Consulting Project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering of Research on Strategies and Measurements for Chinese Urban Flood Disasters Prevention and Control

  • 2015-2016, project of Beautiful Countryside in Qianmaliangou Village, Gongmushi Village, Aoshanwei Town (Project Leader) 

  • 2014-2016, the Central University Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project of Research on the History of Urban Open Space Environmental Art Innovation-Taking Shanghai as an Example (Project Leader) 

  • In 2013, Haiyang Sunshine Coast Residential District Planning and Design Consulting Project (Project Leader) 

  • 2011-2017, Compilation of Architectural Design Information Collection (Third Edition) published by China Architecture & Building Press (Editor) 

  • 2001-2005, Compilation of Guide Rule for Design of Residential District Environmental Landscape published by Ministry of Housing and Rural Construction of Residential Industrialization Promotion Center (Main Author)




  • [1]Beatley, T. (2018) Handbook of Biophilic City:Planning and Design(Gan, J., Yao, X. Y., &Ding, Y. X., Trans.).Shanghai:Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers.(2017). 


  • [1]Yao, X. Y. (2020). Research on Development History & Innovation Strategy of International Horticultural Expositions. Art and Design (Theory)(03),77-80. doi:10.16824/j.cnki.issn10082832.2020.03.020.

  • [2]Gan, J., Guo G. P., & Yao, X. Y. (2019). Biodiversity Supporting Services of Urban Roadside Green Spaces and the Built Environment Influences——A Case Study of Birds Along Shanghai Century Avenue. Landscape Architecture (01),47-52. doi:10.14085/j.fjyl.2019.01.0047.06.

  • [3]Yao, X. Y., & Ji, L. Y. (2018). Flood risk management of transnational river basins management in China——A case study of the Danube & the Rhine River Basins. China Flood & Drought Management (05),53-59+63. doi:10.16867/j.issn.1673-9264.2017258.

  • [4]Ji, L. Y., Wu, Z. Q., & Yao, X. Y. (2017). The urbanization background and evolutionary trend of urban flood risk——an empirical analysis based on the impact of floods in the world. (eds.) Reshaping the Green and Sustainable Urban Water Environment——2017 (The third session) International Forum on Urban Flood Control and Drainage and China-UK Symposium on Urban Flood Prevention and Control Proceedings (pp.4-11).

  • [5]Yao, X. Y., & Xu, M. (2017).Research on Innovative Approaches and Guidance for Urban Public Space Design. Landscape Architecture Frontiers(03),18-31. doi:CNKI:SUN:JGSJ.0.2017-03-003.

  • [6]Yao, X. Y. (2016). Application and Research of Constructive Art Works on Innovation Design of City Parks in Shanghai. Art and Design (Theory)(Z1),49-51. doi:10.16824/j.cnki.issn10082832.2016.z1.008.


  • Participatory art creation experiment in Yanping Village in 2019


Honors and Awards

2016, Hongda Award of Tongji University






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