ZHANG Xueqing

PhD, Associate Professor

Education Qualification

Architecture and Urban Planning College, Tongji University, Phd


Academic Appointments


since 2009 College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University

2000-2009 Architecture and Urban Planning College of Tongji University


Academy & Social Services

China Fashion Color Association Education Committee member

Tongji University bachelor degree design project assessment expert


Representative Research Achievements

[1]Repositioning Graphic Heritage, AHRC Newton Fund, Project Leader ( In China), GBP 250,000, 2018.9-2020.9

[2]Repositioning of Graphic Heritage--Research on the Protection, Inheritance and Sustainable Development of Shanghai City Visual Image, Open Fund of Shanghai Summit Discipline in Design, Project Leader, 2018.3-2019.3

[3]Project of Research on the Color of Goods, the Open Fund of the International Joint Laboratory of Design, Project Leader, 100,000.2017.1.1-2017.12.31

[4]Project of Research on Craftsmanship and Creation culture, Exclusive fund of Shanghai Summit Discipline in Design for Key Categories, participants, ranked third. 200,000. 2017.1.1-2017.12.31

[5]Color Culture Research: A Case Study Comparison On Goods’ Color between Shanghai and London, Tongji University Female Teacher Talents Fund, Project Leader, 2017.1-2018.1

[6]Research on the Rural Tourism Supply Side Reform of Yangcheng Lake Ecological Leisure Tourism Resort in Xiangcheng, Suzhou, Tongji University Liberal Arts Fund, project leader, 400,000. 2016.7-2016.10

[7]Research on the Color Spectrum of Industrial Design Products in Shanghai, Tongji University Liberal Arts Youth Fund, project leader, 50,000. 2016.1-2018.1

[8]Participated in “green campus building textbooks compilation and promotion”, a government sponsored research; Design project manager of Green Campus and Future textbook series, 2013-2014

[9] Visual design director of the 100 anniversary of Li Guohao’s birth, Tongji

University, Book design project leader of Li Guohao, Memorial Anthology of Li Guohao, 2013

[10] Nanjing Hexi urban color planning and project leader, 2012-2013

strategic lift concept planning of Nanjing Hexi new town (RMB 6.7 million)


[1]Curator, 2018 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo "The Revelation of the Earth" Tongji University Landscape Art Season

[2]Curator, 2016 “The Earth Revelation” Yangcheng Lake Landscape Art Season

[3]Curator, “ATRCHIVE China Design” 2015 China Industrial Design Product Exhibition

[4]Curator, 2015 Shanghai First Design Science Summit College Design Association Exhibition

[5]Curator, 2013 Graduation Design Exhibition, College of Design and Innovation College, Tongji University

[6]Curator, 2013 Graduation Design Exhibition, College of Design and Innovation College, Tongji University



[1] 2018 First Prize, Achievement in Education, Shanghai

[2] 2017 Outstanding Academic Team Member, Tongji University

[3] 2017 Excellent Lecturer in Design, Tongji University

[4] 2016 Female Elite Lecturer, Tongji University

[5] 2016 Excellent Lecturer in Creative, Shanghai Industrial Design Association

[6] 2015 Hongda Education Award, Tongji University

[7] 2011-2014 Outstanding practice lecturer, Tongji University

[8] 2013 Female Pace-setter, Tongji University

[9] 2013 Outstanding instructor of Shanghai colleges graduate design

[10] 2013 Outstanding instructor award,1st Shanghai Exhibition of Art and Design

[11] 2012 2nd prize of Tongji University Teaching Award, managing series


Publications list

[1]Zhang, X. Q., & Xu, J., Research on Color Teaching from the Perspective of Design Discipline. Art Education Research, 2019(1)

[2]Zhang, X. Q., & Xu, J.,2018. Product Colour Analysis in Industrial Design of Shanghai: Case study of radios (1949-1980). Art and Design (Theory), 2018(6). (in Chinese).

[3]Xu, J., & Zhang, X. Q., 2017. Colour Culture: An Introduction. Proceeding of International of Colour Association 2017 AIC 13th COngress. Jeju: AIC.

[4]Zhang, X. Q., 2015. Urban Color Perspectives. Urban Architecture, 2015(8).

[5]Zhang, X. Q., 2015. Between Nature and Culture--Study on the Color associated with City Architecture. China Building Decoration, 2015(6).

[6]Zhang, X. Q, Fan, R, & W, D., 2013. Unban Color Planning from the Perspective of Service Design. Color and Colorimetry Multidisciplinary contributions, 2013(6).


Contact Details

Address No.281 Fuxin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China,200092

Email tjzxq@tongji.edu.cn


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