SONG Shanwei

Associate professor

Deputy director of the intangible cultural heritage research center, college of design and innovation(D&I), Tongji university

Leader of the Tongji university research and training program of "research, study and training plan for the inheritors of Chinese intangible cultural heritage" by the ministry of culture and tourism, the ministry of education, and the ministry of human resources and social security, China.


The research direction

Research on the living inheritance of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, creative industry and cultural research, brand image design, environmental vision research


Major Course

Undergraduate: "Professional Design (2)-Reading Design", "Professional Design (5)-Cultural Creativity"

School-wide public courses: "Corporate Image Design", "Inheritance into Modern Life"


Academic and Social Duties

Vice President, Director and Director of Design Committee,Shanghai Sign Industry Association


Education background

2007-2011 Master of Software Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University

1993-1997 Bachelor of Arts, China Academy of Art


Work Experience 

2009-now Teacher, School of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

1997-2009 Teacher, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


Research projects

2018-2020 National level (Ministry of Science and Technology), participate in the "Rural toilet key technology research and development and application" project (sub-project leader)

2019-2021 National level (Ministry of Education), participate in the theoretical model research of the "Design Scientific Knowledge Atlas" project (ranked second)

2018-2018 Provincial and ministerial level (Ministry of Culture and Tourism), 2018 Gong Wang Mansion "Strong foundation, broaden horizons, increase education" Chinese intangible heritage inheritance population research and development plan excellent results (Shanghai University Topic) exhibition design (project leader)

2019 Provincial and ministerial level (Shanghai), starting the "Shanghai Culture" brand-Research on the design of old Shanghai sugar labels in the early days of the founding of China (ranked second)

2017 Provincial and ministerial level (Shanghai), innovative research on design talent training system of applied undergraduate colleges based on inclusive design concept (ranked second)

2018 Provincial and ministerial level (Shanghai), non-legacy exhibition planning and design of the first China International Import Expo News Center (project leader)

2019 Provincial and ministerial level (Shanghai), planning and design of non-legacy exhibition in the press center of the 2nd China International Import Expo

2017 Cultural and Creative Product Design Research, Special Fund for Shanghai's Design Category IV Peak Discipline Key Field, Participant (No. 2)

2017 handicraft spirit and creation culture research, special fund for Shanghai's design category IV peak subject key area, participant (ranked second)

2018-2019 VR virtual reality technology and intangible cultural heritage art innovation research (ranking second)

2018-2019 Research on the design strategy of intangible cultural heritage to help Shanghai's urban cultural construction (ranking third)

2017-2018 Shanghai Bund Sixteen Shops Underground Space Tourism Guide Signage System Design (Project Leader)

2016-2017 Shouning County Aoyang Middle School Renovation and Upgrade Design (Project Leader)


Academic Achievements
[1]Shanwei Song,Jing Liu,and Changqing Yin. Data Reduction for Point Cloud Using Octree Coding. International Conference on Intelligent Computing[C]. CPCI-S. 2017.8
[2]S.W.Song,Y.T.Wu,F.Zhang. Design and Implementation of the Image Interactive System Based on Human-Computer Interaction. Journal of Intelligent Information Management (IIM)[C]. EI. 2010.5


Curation and Forum

During 2018 and 2019, I presided over the planning and design of the "National intangible cultural heritage Research Project Achievement Exhibition" held in Beijing's Prince Gong Mansion and Shanghai Great World;"The Fifth China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo" held in Jinan, Shandong;The first and second China International Import Expo "Shanghai intangible cultural heritage Exhibition" held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).During the exhibition, the leaders of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Minister of the Central Propaganda Department and the Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee visited the exhibition area to inspect

During 2018 and 2019, I hosted and planned the Shanghai and China " intangible cultural heritage into Modern Life Summit Forum" and " intangible cultural heritage into Modern Life Works Contest" respectively.


Honors and Awards

2018 Guided by the Department of Non-Legacy of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Guangming Daily and Guangming Network hosted the "100 Chinese Non-Legacy Person of the Year" selection campaign for the national 100 candidate list, and was included in the "Top 10 Non-Legacy Researchers and Candidate list


Foreign exchanges and activities

In 2017, I went to Italy, Venice University of Architecture, Florence University, IED European Design Institute, and Bern University of Switzerland for academic exchanges.






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