LOU Yongqi

Prof. Dr. LOU Yongqi is Vice president of Tongji University, professor of the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University. He is visiting professor at University of Gothenburg in Sweden, Aalto University in Finland, and Politecnico di Milano in Italy.


Lou is a leading figure in sustainable interdisciplinary design education, research, and practice. He was one of the first designers in China to connect social innovation and sustainable design thinking with rural development. Lou has been the pioneer in China for design-driven innovation education that connects design, business, and technology. He also furthers this agenda through international collaboration.


He is a Member of the Board of Directors of World Design Organization (WDO, former ICSID) , Vice President of China Industrial Design Association, International Coordination Member of DESIS Network. Lou currently chairs the international advisory board of University of Applied Arts University Vienna in Austria, and he serves on the advisory boards of the Alta Scuola Politecnica in Italy, Kolding Design School in Denmark. He was the Vice President of CUMULUS International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, the International Advisory Board Member of Swedish Art Research Publication Platform, etc. He is the Founding Executive Editor of She Ji: the Journal of Design, Innovation, and Economics (Elsevier), the Editorial Board Member of Design Issues (MIT Press) and Journal of Visual Art Practice (Taylor & Francis).


Lou has been invited as the keynote speaker in many important academic conferences such as IDSA International Conference 2016 in Detroit USA, International Design Congress 2015 in Gwangju Korea, ACM CHI the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Seoul Korea, Asia DesignED Conference 2014 in Hong Kong China, World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 Design Policy Conference in South Africa, IIT Design Strategy Conference 2013 in Chicago USA, Include 2011 Conference in Royal College of Art in London UK, etc.


In 2002, he founded Studio Tektao. His design works have been exhibited in the Design Museum of Helsinki, the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Saint Etienne Biennale of France and other prestigious institutions. In 2014, the President of Finland honored him with the Order of the Lion of Finland as a Knight, First Class. In 2015, he was granted the Gold Medal of the Dragon Design Foundation Award in China. In 2018, he won the Special Award of “Reform and Opening 40th Anniversary” by Dragon Design Foundation. In 2019, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) appointed him as its foreign member.



Email: louyongqi@tongji.edu.cn


Areas of Specialization

Sustainable Design, Environmental Design, Social Innovation Design, Interdisciplinary Design and Innovation, Social Interaction Design


Positions in Tongji

2021—present  Vice president,Tongji University

2017—present  Director and Principle Investigator, Shanghai International Institute of Design, Tongji University

2016—present  Dean, Shanghai International College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

2013—2022.4   Dean, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

2014—present  Member, Academic Committee, Tongji University

2013—present  Member, Administration Committee, Tongji University

2010—present  Executive Vice Director, Sino-Finnish Center, Tongji University



1991—1995  Bachelor of Engineering, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

1995—1998  Master of Engineering, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

1998—2002  PhD, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

Teaching Courses

Undergraduates: Frontier of Design

Graduates: Open Design, Social Innovation and Sustainable Design


Honors and Awards

2019  Golden Medal of "70th Anniversary of People's Republic of China" Special Award, Dragon Design Foundation

2019  Foreign Member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 

2018  Special Award of  "Reform and Opening 40th Anniversary", Dragon Design Foundation

2017  Top 10 People of Chinese Interior Design Industry

2015  Golden Medal of China Design Contribution Award, Dragon Design Foundation Award

2014  Knight, First Class of the Order of the Lion of Finland by the President of Finland

2014  China Top 10 Educators for Industrial Design Award

2012  China’s Top Ten Youth in the Design Industry, Dragon Design Foundation Award

2010  Top 10 Young Creative Elites, Shanghai


Professional Qualification

2005—present  Certificated Urban Planner of P. R. China


Academic and Social Services

Visiting Positions

2016—present  Visiting Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

2014—present  Visiting Professor, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

2011—2015  Visiting Professor, Aalto University, Finland

Design Organization Duties

2015—present  Vice President, China Industrial Design Association

2015—present  Member of Board of Directors, WDO (formerly Icsid)

2013—2016  Vice President, CUMULUS International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

2013—2016  Vice President, Shanghai Industrial Design Association

2010—2013  Executive Board Member, CUMULUS International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

2009—present  Coordinator, DESIS-China (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainabilty) Network

Advisory Board Duties

2014—present  Chairman, International Advisory Broad, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

2013—2016  Member, International Advisory Board, PARSE - Platform for Artistic Research Sweden

2011—present  Member, International Advisory Board of Design, KONE Group, Finland

2009—present  Member, International Advisory Board, Designskolen Kolding, Denmark

2009—present  Scientific Commitee Member, ASP (Alta Scuola Politenica), Politecnico di Torino & Milano, Italy

Editorial Positions

2014—present  Executive Editor, She Ji: the Journal of Design, Economics and Innovation (Elsevier)

2014—present  Editorial Board Member, Journal of Visual Art Practice (Taylor & Francis)

2013—present  Editorial Board Member, PARSE (Journal of Artistic Research Sweden, University of Gothenburg)

2011—present  Editorial Board Member, Design Issues (MIT Press)

Research Projects

1. 2017—present  PI, Sub-topic III: “Study on Chinese Craftsman Culture Education”, “Research on Chinese Craftsman Culture System and its Legacy and Innovation” , Key Project of National Social Science Fund)

2. 2017—2018  PI, “Research on the Design Competitiveness System in the View of Innovative Design”, Project of National Social Science Fund - Art

3. 2015—2016  PI, Sub-topic: “Scientifically Constructing Design Competitiveness Evaluation Model”, Key Project of Chinese Academy of Engineering

4. 2015—2016  PI, Sub-topic: “Innovative Design Development Advances and Supports the Research on the Road Map of Environmental Construction”, “Research on the Key Problems of Innovative Design Development Strategies”, Key Project of Chinese Academy of Engineering

5. 2014—2015  PI “China’s Sustainable Urban Traffic”, Volvo Group (Sweden)

6. 2012—2015  2nd PI, “Research on the Key Technology Cooperation in the Sino-Italian Digital Collaborative Design”, National International Technology Collaboration Project

7. 2011—2012  PI, “Research on Future Design for School”, Philip Research (Netherlands)

8. 2010—2013  PI, “public Using Types of Remaining Space among Rural families in Yangtze River Delta”, Project of National Natural Science Fund

9. 2010—2011  PI, “Research on the Mobile Facilities and Service Design based on Urban and Rural Interaction”, Nokia (Beijing) Research Center

10. 2010—2011  PI, “Research on The Strategy of Integrated Design for Happy Life-style”, Haier Group

11. 2008—present  Founder, “Design Harvest - Research on Design-driven Urban/Rural Interaction Strategy Design”

Recent Publications


1. Lou, Y., Liu, L., & Yang, W. (2016). Study on Green and Low-Carbon Innovative Design Cases. Beijing: China Science and Technology Press. (in Chinese)

2. Ma, J., Fassi, D., & Lou, Y. (2015). Emerging Practices: Inquiry into the Developing. Shanghai: Tongji University Press.

3. Ma, J., & Lou, Y. (2014). Emerging Practices: Design Professions, Values, and Approaches, Beijing: China Architecture & Buildings Press.

4.  Lou, Y., Valsecchi, F., & Diaz, C. (2013). Design Harvests: An Acupunctural Design Approach Towards Sustainability. Gothenburg: Mistra Urban Futures.

5.  Lou, Y., & Reutersward, L. (2010). One Earth, One UN in a Chinese Garden, Nairobi: UN Habitat.

Book Chapters

1. Lou, Y.(2016). Roadmap of China’s Design and Innovation strategies. In Research group of China Design Innovation(Ed.), China’s Design and Innovation Roadmap (pp.37-65). Beijing: China Science and Technology Press (In Chinese).

2. Lou, Y., Fan, F., & Ma, J. (2016). Mission D, an Interdisciplinary Innovation and Venture Program at Tongji University. In B. Banerjee, & S. Ceri (Eds.), Creating Innovation Leaders: A Global Perspective (pp.201-213). Cham: Springer.

3. Lou, Y., & Ma, J. (2015). A 3D ‘T-shaped’ Design Education Framework. In E. G. Carayannis,  G. Bast, & D. F. Campbell (Eds.), Arts, Research, Innovation, and Society (pp. 287-294). Cham: Springer.

4. Lou, Y. (2013). She Ji—Change for Sustainable Futures. In S. Walker & J. Giard (Eds.), The Handbook of Design for Sustainability (pp.346-362). London: Bloomsbury Academic.

5. Lou, Y. (2012). Jiashan No.1 Middle School, Zhejiang, In L. Delsante (Ed.), From Research to Design, Fondazione La Triennale di Milano (p.93). Bologna: Compositori.

6. Lou, Y. (2012). New Jindai Primary School, Chongqing, In L. Delsante (Ed.), From Research to Design, Fondazione La Triennale di Milano (p.92). Bologna: Compositori.

Journal Articals

1. Lou, Yongqi. "The idea of environmental design revisited." Design Issues 35.1 (2019): 23-35.

2. Lou, Yongqi. "Designing interactions to counter threats to human survival." She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation 4.4 (2018): 342-35

3. Lou, Y. (2017). The New Environmental Design in the Era of Global Knowledge Network. Journal of Nanjing Art Institute, 1, 3-9. (In Chinese)

4. Lou, Y. (2017). The Expanding Scope and Paradigm Shift of Design. Time + Architecture, 1, 11-15. (In Chinese)

5. Lou, Y. (2017). HCI, Sustainability and Design - From the Perspective of the NHCAS. Art & Design, 1, 66-70. (In Chinese)

6. Ma, J., & Lou, Y. (2016). Restructuring Design Foundation Based on the Framework of Four Orders of Design. Art & Design, 6, 108-111. (In Chinese)

7. Lou, Y. (2016). From Catching to Leading: The Paradigm Shift of China's Design and Innovation. Art & Design, 1, 72-74. (In Chinese)

8. Lou, Y. (2015). Design Activism in an Era of Transformation. Art & Design, 7, 17-19. (In Chinese)

9. Lou, Y., Ji, X., & Chen, R. (2013). Growing Sustainable Campus: Architectural Design for Liangping New Jindai Elementary School, Architectural Journal, 7, 44-51. (In Chinese)

10. Lou, Y. (2010). Enabling Society: New Design Processes in China The Case of Chongming. The Journal of Design Strategies, 4(1),22-28.

11. Lou, Y. (2010). On Innovation Creativity, Innovation and City. Time + Architecture, 6, 16-19. (In Chinese)

12. Lou, Y. (2010). An Acupunctural Sustainable Design Approach: Strategic Design of Chongming Xianqiao Sustainable Community. Creation and Design, 4, 33-38. (In Chinese)

Conferece Proceeds

1. Lou, Yongqi, and Jin Ma. "Growing a community-supported ecosystem of future living: the case of NICE2035 living line." International Conference on Cross-Cultural Design. Springer, Cham, 2018.

2. Jiang, Chenhan, and Yongqi Lou. "Integrated Strategies of Participatory Design and PBL Towards Collaboration Quality." International Conference on Cross-Cultural Design. Springer, Cham, 2018.

3. Dongjin, Song., and Yongqi, Lou. "Design Activism: Action research as an approach when design meets social innovation." Blucher Design Proceedings 8.2 (2016): 284-290.

4. Ma, J., & Lou, Y. (2014). Restructuring Design Foundation based on the Framework of Four Orders of Design. In J. Ma, D. Fassi, & Y. Lou (Eds.), Emerging Practices: The Developing. Proceedings of the Emerging Practices: Design Research and Education Conference (pp. 175-189). Beijing: Publishing House of Electronics Industry.

5. Liu, W., & Lou, Y. (2014). The Sino-Italian Collaborative Design Platform: Designing and Developing an Innovative Product Service System. In P. L. P. Rau (Eds.), Proceedings from 6th International Conference, CCD 2014, held as part of HCI International 2014, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 22-27, 2014: Cross-Cultural Design (pp. 766-774). Cham: Springer.

6. Lou, Y. (2014).  Design for the Public Usage of Rural Surplus Space (PURSS): The Case Study of DEISGN Harvests. In P. L. P. Rau (Eds.), Proceedings from 6th International Conference, CCD 2014, held as part of HCI International 2014, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 22-27, 2014: Cross-Cultural Design (pp. 766-774). Cham: Springer.

7. Lou, Y., Valsecchi, F., & Pollastri, S. (2011). A network of Social Collaborative Innovation Hubs, In N. Roozenburg, L. Chen, P. J. Stappers, et al. (Eds.), Proceedings from IASDR 2011: 4th World Conference on Design Research: The rules of unruly product design. Delft:Delft University of Technology Press.

8. Lou, Y. (2008). Calling for ‘She Ji’: Rethinking and Changing the Changes in China. In C. Cipolla, & P. Peruccio(Eds.), Proceedings from International Design Research Conference Changing the Change: Design, Visions, Proposals and Tools (pp. 85-90). Turino: Allemandi Conference Press.

Keynote or Invited Speeches

1."Fostering Economic Growth by Design", Keynote Speaker at 2017 IFI CONGRESS and African Culture & Design Festival. Lagos, Nigeria. 2017.

2.“A new era of design activism”, Keynote speaker at “Making, Things, Happen”, IDSA International Conference 2016. Detroit, USA. 2016.

3. “Crossings: HCI, design and sustainability”, Opening Keynote speaker at “Crossings”, ACM CHI 2015 Conference (33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems). Seoul, Korea. 2015.

4. “Design Harvest, an acupunctural design approach towards sustainability”, Invited speaker at Design Strategy Conference 2014, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Chicago, USA. 2014.

5. “Changing design education for innovation: A 3D ‘T-shaped’ Design Education Framework”, Keynote speaker at AsiaED Conference, BODW 2014. the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China. 2014.

6. “Designing the design policy: from catch-up to leap-frog”, Keynote speaker at World Design Capital 2014 Design Policy Conference, Cape Town, South Africa. 2014.

7.“Designing for urban-rural interaction”, Keynote speaker at Global Urban Agriculture Conference. Linköping, Sweden. 2013.

8. “DESIS, design for the new restorative economies”, Keynote speaker of Design for Billions, Parsons School of Design. New York, USA. 2011.

9. “An acupunctural design approach towards sustainability”, Invited speaker at Inclusive Design Conference 2011. Royal College of Arts, London, UK. 2011.

10.  “Chinese sustainable design approaches and social innovation”, Keynote speaker at INOVABA Social Innovation & Sustainability Conference. Rio, Brazil. 2010.

11. “She Ji for sustainability”, Keynote speaker at Changing the change International Design Research Conference. World Design Capital, Turin, Italy. 2008.


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