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Intelligent Big Data Visualization Lab

Supervisor: Nan Cao, professor and expert in the Thousand Talents Plan (information science), email address:

Lab Introduction: TheHuman-Computer Interaction and Big Data Visualization Lab is D&I's first information science-driven lab for innovation, teaching and research. It is designed to develop visual analysis techniques for human-computer interaction and big data of world-class standards in the field of data science. Relevant technologies can be widely applied in various fields, such as medical information, smart city, and information security.

Major Research Directions: Visual Analysis, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization


Existing Research Projects:

1.       Research on Information Security Based on Visual Analysis (Information Security Field)

2.       Clustering Analysis of Visualization for Large-scale Spatio-temporal Data (Smart City Field)

3.       Information Decomposition of Visualization for Heterogeneous and Multidimensional Data (Fields include Medical Information, Social Media Computing)



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