From the Consumer End to Innovation Source: N-ICE2035 Officially Unveiled to the Public

N-ICE2035 LivingLine, initiated by Tongji D&I was presented to the public on Feb.4. N-ICE2035 is an innovative program initiated by Professor LOU Yongqi, Dean of D&I, based on years of social innovation design experiences.  N-ICE2035 represents Neighborhood of Innovation,Creativity and Entrepreneurship towards 2035, and NICE means better life.

As the first project of N-ICE2035, N-ICE2035 LivingLine Future Life Prototype will be located at Lane 1028 Siping Road, and it will be home to 13 start-up teams. Lane 1028 is 200 meters long and 7 meters wide, hard to spot in the neighborhood when it’s crowded by small venders and shabby stores. With the N-ICE2035 LivingLine project, the people in this neighborhood cannot only get a close view of what the designers and researchers are doing, but can also join scientists and artists to create and innovate, so as to change the neighborhood from the “consumer end” to an “innovation source”.

Professor LOU Yongqi commented that, N-ICE 2035 will make full use of university knowledge spillover to benefit the neighborhood. While optimizing the life quality of the neighborhood, this program will also attract top talents from the world to focus on the “demand end” and to integrate technology, creativity, and business model with design. And through creating the brand-new life style, the deep integration of internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and real economy will be promoted, and thus may lead to design-driven new economy of one hundred billion scale based on the neighborhood. Physical operation and sustained iteration are two major features of these prototype labs. The world-class innovation ecosystem centered aroud D&I will provide rolling support to the LivingLine in terms of talents, creativity, technology, funds, and transformation of achievements.


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