2017 Tongji Design Week “New World”

The “One Belt and One Road” initiative is raising great attention worldwide. On May 14th this year, China’s President Xi Jinping has pointed out at the One Belt and One Road Forum for International Cooperation that we need to establish a multi-level cultural cooperation mechanism, build more cooperation platforms, open up more cooperation channels and promote educational cooperation. In response to the call of the nation and the society, College of Design and Innovation (D&I) of Tongji University is committed to building a platform for social innovation and cultural exchange, in order to promote the "One Belt and One Road" education community formation and better serve the "One Belt and One Road" initiative.


The theme of 2017 Tongji Design Week is identified as "New World". Firstly, this name refers to the expanding boundaries of design. Nowadays, the role, mission, methods and tools of design are undergoing tremendous changes. The object of design has also extended to relationship, interaction, service, system, organization and mechanism. Design has extended itself from only being a link in industrial chain and innovation chain to making contributions to the whole process and system. Secondly, “New World” means the diversification of design culture. The conference will invite design thinkers, educators and practitioners from emerging countries such as South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Europe to exchange opinions with scholars from western mainstream and domestic academic circles. We hope that beyond western mainstream design culture, we can link exploration of future design all over the world together with explorations of future culture, future economy and future society. On the one hand we can provide new cultural support to the future development of design; on the other hand, we also hope that it is an opportunity to start building the "One Belt and One Road" innovative design education community.


2017 Tongji Design Week believes that in this era of globalization, during developing countries using theme, tools and methods to solve practical problems, there are a lot of wisdom, experience and knowledge worth sharing. Therefore, this design week will focus on developing countries in order to encourage educators to pioneer new realms, develop new discoveries and attentions in these realms, and dare to explore new realms while standing in the traditional design field. From the strategy thinking point of view, it not only fits in and echoes with the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, but also can be implemented by specific educational practices.


2017 Tongji Design Week is going to start on October 9. During the two-week period, D&I will focus on the theme of "New World", holding more than 20 academic events which will include international academic conferences such as “Emerging Practices” Design Research and Education Conference and other workshops, exhibitions and forums. World-renowned scholars, directors of international nonprofit organizations, practitioners, artists and designers, and especially scholars from the BRIC countries and developing countries will be invited to share their practices and insights.


2017 Tongji Design Week is hosted by D&I of Tongji University, and co-hosted by Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, Shanghai Institute of Design and Innovation, Shanghai Creative Youth Talents Association, Shanghai Industrial Design Association, China Industrial Design Institute (Shanghai) co. LTD.







Emerging Practices 2017EPC2017 by registration

Design Research and Education Conference 2017: The Social World

9th – 10th October 2017



Following the publication of the DesignX Manifesto in 2014, EPC has developed conversations around DesignX topics. This year, we return to the challenge of complex sociotechnical systems, the original subject of the DesignX Manifesto. Starting with EPC 2017, we will initiate two rounds of conversations. In 2017, we consider complex sociotechnical systems from the perspective of society. To focus on “The Social World,” EPC2017 will cooperate with the DESIS Network, exploring complex systems by inquiring into social goals, needs, and approaches. We will carry the insights of this year's conference forward in EPC2018 by extending the focus to the technological sphere of DesignX.



oys book mock up.jpeg

Book Launching Ceremony - Open Your Space: Design for Urban Resilience

9th October 2017

Centre Hall


Open your space: Design for Urban Resilience”, this book is about community development based on public space resilience. This book examines the renewed interest in “public space”: design initiatives driven by scholars and practitioners through their engagement with a wide range of cultural, social, political and ecological challenges. The book has three chapters: “Resilient Communities and Design Activism,” “Enhance the Diversity of Community Environment” and “Worldwide Design Intervention in Urban Public Space”. This book brings together leading international critics, designers, scholars and educators to address ways of rethinking the aspects of public space. The contributors share the ideas and case studies of how the cities can use design intervention and social engagement strategies to create resilient places to live, and present the understanding that design as a practice  has the power to shape interactions and create new experiences of public space through the spatial sights of the city, which could help us define the frameworks of urban resilience.



Fusion Band.JPG 

Fusion Band

9th October 2017



Fusion band is a program that mixed design, art, culture, region, designers together and made something new and exciting. Talented designers from Tongji University, Wuhan University, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Beijing Normal University, Taiwan Institute of Feng Chia University, High school affiliated to Fudan University and Zhenru High School design their own musical instruments by using Fusion 360. Finally, they will make the musical instruments in a high-end and latest manufacturing way and give an instrumental performance as a band in the Tongji Design Week opening. In this performance, we involve all the designers and 11 instruments (violin, guitar, drums, dulcimer, guzheng, erhu, flute, ocarina, harp, lute, Beth) and combine Chinese and Western music together, which makes this a FUSION program.



New Platform: Reconciliation and Innovation in the New World Exhibition

9th – 20th October 2017

Phase 2, the exhibition hall


New Platform: Reconciliation and Innovation in the New World Forum

11th October 2017



The dynamism of emerging cities in the global south is marked by distinct forces of bottom-up social innovations and top-down interventions that structure the manifestation and experience of space. These socio-spatial conditions, often heterotopic and dynamic, accommodate multiple interests and claims, which invent different ways of “escaping” the colonial hegemony so as to create the new social territory through networking and practicing that goes beyond the political space in the urban now.


Productive practices have been not only articulated by planning or by the local’s self-governance, but also by the designers as an intermediate negotiator to incorporate with both sides, to innovatively adapt to the rapid transformations triggered by forces of economic realignments. New design by research experiments are vital for understanding the “invisible” patterns of the complex urban mechanism that constitute the urbanity, community, public space and everyday life, as well as for reconciling the present complex spatial and socio-economical conditions in these cities.


Therefore, this project aims to uncover such experiments through the diverse data and ideas gathered by means of exchange programs, local-international field research and design studios collaborated among different institutions over the last one year. The project aims to present and investigate further:

1. how design pedagogical initiatives can help students to face, learn from and deal with different requirements that across cultural-geographical context;

2. how international collaborations can open up new ways of thinking and resolving urban issues

3. how design can trigger and mobilize alternative forms of social engagement that connect the top-down and bottom-up.

We intend to elaborate the proposal for Tongji Design Week as an “Emerging platform” that assembles threefold rubric of exhibition + film screening + academic seminar.  “Designing for”, “Learning from” and “Dialoguing with” as three conceptual sections that interweaves design education, research and design practices through international collaborations among students and scholars from countries of new world.


Design for Kids- the Exhibition of Media and Communication Design

9th – 20th October 2017

Exhibition Area A, B


Design for kids- Media & Communication Course Presentation Exhibition by Students of 2014, as the course presentation of the first student body in this major, has selected "Design for kids" as the course theme. The works combine service design, interactive design, programming and web design, demonstrate the students’ thinking and design processes and reflect their capabilities of comprehensively using media and communication design to solve practical problems.



Floating Modernity of the New World Exhibition

9th – 20th October 2017

Exhibition Area F


In the contemporary world of frenetic visual stimulus and continuous images flow where everything seems endlessly mutating, bright, and digitally colored, photography has the incredible power to distill moments out of time and space, despite its nature grandly rooted in the Place and the Now. Perhaps for this reason, it is the medium that still help humans to clarify visions of what is possible, and enlighten the diversity of what exists.

In this exhibition we will showcase pictures that are meant to be read by a slow full-frame immersion rather than being swiped away in the speed of mobile screens. The images presented are selected among the journeys of four creative practitioners and they aim to reproduce their wandering in the "New World", across the traces of the past and its decadence, and the landmarks of the future and its opulence, across the the odd and the ordinary of that process we name as "development", which is a rather simplified word for the complexity of the change that humanity, society and environment are addressing.

Through photography and sound artistry, the participants will have the chance to start a journey in the "New World" where paths of complexity can be imagined, discovered, and shared.


The exhibition will be an immersive experience accompanied by a soundscape.

图片 1.jpg 

To Live and Create Together * New World Exhibition

9th – 20th October 2017

Exhibition Area next to Aquarium

To Live and Create together * New World is a theme event focusing on the mutualism of nature and human in developing areas, based on the social innovation cases which involved with design thinking and method, and searching for the co-creation subjective and behavior in the media époque. This event includes a 2-week exhibition of social innovation case studies and a 1-day forum together with site visits.


DESIS banner-980x408 final-01.jpg

DESIS Network International Exhibition

9th – 27th October 2017

Exhibition Area G, H


The exhibition will showcase projects from DESIS Network by underlining thematic relevance and international partnerships, with the aim to expose the local design community of D&I to current worldwide inspirations and create potential new opportunities of academic and research exchange. It will also be a platform to deepen understanding of the role of design for social innovation, and to appreciate and discuss its impact under the complexity of social scenario and the global emergence of “New World” cultures.




The International Color Culture Conference

10th October 2017



The International Color Culture Conference (ICCC) plans to invite several experts from diverse countries, aiming to accelerate the development of “Design Science” subject and enriching the construction of the subject. The ICCC will develop in-depth and extensive discussions focusing on a series of topics, including the historic and regional features of color culture, the connotation of color culture, the artistic design and the humanities of color culture. As a whole, the ICCC intends to review and summarize the theory of ontology and the methodology of Color Culture as well as the practical experience, attempting to construct a systematic theory of Color Culture.



Master the Innovation Fielda New Play Ground for Design

10th – 19th October 2017

Innovation Field


Master the Innovation Fielda New Play Ground for Design

The Innovation Field at D&I will open its space and talents to showcase 8 creative hands-on workshops to celebrate Tongji Design Week. Visitors and students will have the opportunities to design and build cricket house or large scale installation for space breathing in house. Participants can learn digital technique of laser cutting, 3D printing or even the creative ways of using traditional band saw or hand drills. In this event, African and American traditional manufacturing technology will be involved with the newest material innovations to brainstorm for the new life. Masters from various disciplines will do the innovative experiments with you in the upgraded Innovation Field which is a new playground for design and a new world for the future manufacturing.



封面图 (1).jpg

The 6th Doctoral Forum in Design

11th October 2017



The Doctoral Forum on Design Research is an academic forum for doctoral students, which is initiated by Tsinghua University, Jiangnan University, Hunan University, Tongji University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and National Cheng Kung University, aiming at providing an academic platform on design research for doctoral students and advancing the academic quality of doctoral design research. 2017 the 6th Doctoral Forum on Design Research will be hosted by College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University.

This forum will be an important extension activity for Emerging Practices Design Research and Education Conference 2017 during Tongji Design Week. With the theme of “New World”, 2017 Tongji Design Week has officially become the academic week of Shanghai Design Week. It will begin on October 9 and last for about 2 weeks, including intensive conferences, forums, lectures, exhibitions and workshops. Among all the activities, Emerging Practices Design Research and Education Conference 2017 will continue to focus on topics around DesignX. With the theme of “the Social World”, EPC 2017 will cooperate with the DESIS Network, exploring complex sociotechnical systems by inquiring into social goals, needs, and approaches from the social perspective. The doctoral forum will extend the discussion at EPC 2017and focus on the doctoral research at  universities.



"Tilt Brush" VR Illustration Design Workshop

12th October 2017



Google Tilt Brush is the VR application for 3D spatial painting. With this technology, users can not only freely create 3D illustration but also make special animation effects out of it. This is a brand new creative medium for designers. This workshop invites VR specialists and artists to give tutorials and live demonstrations by using HTC vive devices and Tilt Brush software in order to guide participants to quickly get used to VR 3D illustration technique. Participants will be divided into several groups to create their artworks and give final presentations.

 Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 3.02.30 PM.jpg

Weingart Typography China Touring Exhibition

13th October – 10th November 2017 (Opening Ceremony at 15th October, in Darkroom)

Exhibition Area C, D, E


Born in Germany during WWII, Swiss graphic designer and design educator Wolfgang Weingart was formally trained as a typographic apprentice in Stuttgart. He then went on to study in Schule für Gestaltung Basel. In the mid-1960s, Weingart embarked on his typographic experiments and abstract graphic compositions, and after the next decades, Weingart influenced generations of young designers who were attracted to the Basel school by its reputation. His American students brought what’s called the “New Wave” typography from Basel to North America. This wave reverberated with the then emerging Post-modernism in the country, which impacted on graphic design in profound ways.  Weingart has devoted a lifetime to the research and practice of graphic design, continuously expanding its visual language. The energies released from this expanded language exerts an influence on modern and contemporary graphic design that transcends medium and time. Weingart’s pioneering design methods and concepts which preceded the arrival of digital design tools, foretold possibilities of a new typographic style to future generations of designers almost like a textbook.

Liesbet Busseche (1).jpg


15th October – 17th October 2017



Based on the New Center of Contemporary Jewellery and Design Culture,

the brand new project NoCC TALK will open its first season at SPace and Collage of Design and Innovation during the Tongji Design Week. The director of Domaine de Boisbuchet Alexander Von Vegesack, and other jewellery designers, artists from Belgium, Isreal, Japan and China will be invited to give talks, lectures and workshops. It is a wonderful chance for audience and masters to meet and communicate.


New Communication Design

17th October 2017



The communication design forum, based on the geographical advantages of shanghai and jointly hosted with "master award", strives to build a professional, influential communication design forum. It invites top experts from Germany, Japan and other countries as well as world-class 4A advertising companies to discuss the communication design trend in the new media era. Times are changing, communication design no longer stays on the paper, but are more used in the Internet multimedia and other aspects.

The impact of "new communication, new convey" to the communication major is going to be analyzed in professional education, marketing and other dimensions.


Alumni Forum

21st October 2017



Outstanding alumni will be invited to give keynote speech to share with the audience their insight about the industry and their personal experience in career development.

A reception will be held after the forum.



"How To Co-construct STEAM Education Ecosystem" International Conference, the First FABO Annual Meeting

27th October – 28th October 2017

Darkroom, Aquarium


In the era of the "Internet +" and "Artificial Intelligence", the educational pattern and the achievements of teenagers are more and more concerned by the whole world. Adolescence is the most important stage for intellectual growth, innovation consciousness and habit cultivation. We need to change the existing single education pattern which only looks at examinations into the active “learning by doing” STEAM education system based on interactive learning, cooperation and sharing. In October, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University and Fablab O Shanghai and the China Education Association will carry out International STEAM Education Forum on Pioneer Education and Workshops of how to develop youth education ecosystem in China with the support of universities and research institutes.


National Advanced Studies of Design Theory Workshops

11th – 12th October 2017



Targeting at the upgraded needs of transition and upgrading in our country, to improve the lack of Chinese design innovation capability, it is urgent to raise the overall level of Chinese research on contemporary design theory. Design Theory and Creative Culture Research Center at the School of Design and Innovation of Tongji University organized the national advanced training workshops for design theory, in order to adapt to the development and needs of the times and to make contributions to Chinese design. It is duty for the Branch Center and Capital of Design of Shanghai to make some efforts.

The purpose of this activity is to raise the level of national design theory research, to set up a high-quality national innovation team of design theory, and to make theoretical preparation for the design of China in the future.


同济设计周组委会 Tongji Design Week Organizing Committee



上海设计之都促进中心SPCD (Shanghai Promotion Center for Design)

上海对外科学技术交流中心Shanghai Center for Scientific and Technological Exchange with Foreign Countries 

上海市青年创意人才协会Shanghai Creative Youth Talents Association

上海工业设计协会Shanghai Industrial Design Association

同济大学上海国际设计创新研究院Tongji University Shanghai Institute of Design and Innovation

中国工业设计(上海)研究院有限公司China Industrial Design Research Institute (Shanghai) Co, Ltd.


指导单位|Steering committee

上海设计之都活动周组委会Organizing Committee of Shanghai Design Week


支持单位|Supporting institutions

CUMULUS国际设计艺术院校联盟CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media)



中国教育学会The Chinese Society of Education



同济大学设计创意学院College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University














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