2017 Tongji Design Week is Coming!

2017 Tongji Design Week is coming. The theme of 2017 Tongji Design Week is identified as "New World". Firstly, this name refers to the expanding boundaries of design. Nowadays, the role, mission, methods and tools of design are undergoing tremendous changes. The object of design has also extended to relationship, interaction, service, system, organization and mechanism. Design has extended itself from only being a link in industrial chain and innovation chain to making contributions to the whole process and system. Secondly, “New World” means the diversification of design culture. The conference will invite design thinkers, educators and practitioners from emerging countries such as South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Europe to exchange opinions with scholars from western main stream and domestic academic circles. We hope that beyond western main stream design culture, we can link exploration of future design all over the world together with explorations of future culture,future economy and future society. On the one hand we can provide new cultural support to the future development of design; on the other hand, we also hope that it is an opportunity to start building the "One Belt and One Road" innovative design education community.

2017 Tongji Design Week believes that in this era of globalization, during developing countries using design thinking, tools and methods to solve practical problems, there are a lot of wisdom,experience and knowledge worth sharing. Therefore, this design week will focus on developing countries in order to encourage educators to pioneer new realms,develop new discoveries and attentions in these realms, and dare to explore new realms while standing in the traditional design field. From the strategy thinking point of view, it not only fits in and echoes with the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, but also can be implemented by specific educational practices.

2017 Tongji Design Week is going to start on October 9. During the two-week period, D&I will focus on the theme of "New World", holding more than 20 academic events which will include international academic conferences such as Emerging Practices Design Research and Education Conference and other workshops, exhibitions and forums. World-renowned scholars, directors of international nonprofit organizations,practitioners, artists and designers, and especially scholars from the BRIC countries and developing countries will be invited to share their practices and insights.

2017 Tongji Design Week is hosted by D&I of Tongji University, and co-hosted by Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, Shanghai Institute of Design and Innovation, Shanghai Creative Youth Talents Association, Shanghai Industrial Design Association, China Industrial Design Institute (Shanghai) co. LTD.


Look Forward to Your Participation!


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