The 6th Doctoral Forum in Design @ EPC 2017

The 6th Doctoral Forum in Design @ EPC 2017


Host: College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Date: October 11, 2017


The Doctoral Forum in Design is an academic event for doctoral students. The forum is an initiative founded by Tsinghua University, Jiangnan University, Hunan University, Tongji University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and National Cheng Kung University. It aims to provide a platform for design research for doctoral students and to enhance the quality of doctoral education. The 6th Doctoral Forum in Design will be hosted by Tongji Univesity College of Design and Innovation during the Tongji Design Week in October 2017.


As the academic week of the Shanghai Design Week, the Tongji Design Week will begin on October 9. It consists of a variety of exciting events ranging from international conferences, forums, and seminars to exhibitions and workshops. Among all the activities, Emerging Practices Design Research and Education Conference 2017 (EPC 2017) is the key event, which will be held on October 9-10. This doctoral forum will be held immediately following EPC 2017 on October 11 as an important extension of the conference.


With the theme of “The Social World,” EPC 2017 will explore complex sociotechnical systems by inquiring into the goals, needs, and approaches of such systems from the social perspective. The discourse around this theme of EPC2017 can be continued as one of the topics of the doctoral forum this year. In the meanwhile, we hope that participants—with their doctoral studies carried out in different universities—will be able to depict the horizon and the depth of design research in doctoral education.


What will happen?

The one-day event consists of various activities to share knowledge and to facilitate doctoral candidates to foster the research network.


1.     Communication based on the doctoral study: The forum invites doctoral candidates to present their doctoral studies, introducing the key points and the difficulties of their research in terms of the topic, argument, research methods, evaluation, etc.

2.     Critiques and awards: We will invite guests from the six founding universities and guests from EPC2017 to give constructive comments on each presentation. Best Presentation and Best Poster will be selected and certificates will be awarded.

3.     Language: All the written material (including the abstract and the presentation slides) must be prepared in both Chinese and English. The oral presentation will be conducted mainly in Chinese for the purpose of having in-depth discussion. For international presenters, we will help translate all the presentation material into Chinese.

4.     Posters: Each presenter will design a poster, introducing his/her ongoing doctoral study. All posters will be exhibited at the forum venue during the event.

5.     Doctoral Students’ Night: Doctoral students will be invited to attend the gathering to meet new friends, sharing experience and ideas. It is our hope to foster the emerging network and community among research beginners.


We sincerely invite doctoral students from different universities to participate and to present your doctoral studies. All participants must submit the applying form and a digital copy of the poster via email to The application deadline is September 10th, 2017.


Meanwhile, scholars, professionals, teachers and students in design research field are all welcome to the event. No registration fee will be charged. The general audience is responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses. Please send the registration form to Email: The registration deadline is September 20th, 2017.



If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


Forum Coordinator: JIN Xiaoneng <>


For further information, please follow the WeChat official account of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University and the WeChat official account of the Doctoral Forum in Design. Thank you!


College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University



The Doctoral Forum in Design



1) For doctoral candidates who apply for presentation, please download the application form and the poster template.

附件1 2017第六届高校设计研究博士论坛报名表.doc

附件2 2017第六届高校设计研究博士论坛墙报模板.zip


2) For the general audience, please download the registration form.

附件3 2017第六届高校设计研究博士论坛注册表.xlsx


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