Launching Ceremony of Shanghai D&I Held 

In the Information age, design driven innovation has become the brand new engine of global industrial transformation and knowledge innovation. On February 25, Minister of Education officially approved Shanghai International College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University (Shanghai D&I). On April 14, Lunching Ceremony of Shanghai D&I was held. Shanghai D&I will expect its first group students in September 2017.

Tang Haidong, Deputy Secretary of CPC of Yangpu District, Shanghai, Huang Hong, Deputy District Mayor of Yangpu District, Jan Wahlberg, Consul General, Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai, Ville Kamppi, Vice Consul General, Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai, Tuula Teeri, President of Aalto University, Hannu Seristö, Vice President of Aalto University, Pei Gang, President of Tongji University, Jiang Bo, Vice President of Tongji University, Li Yaoxin, Chief Supervisor of Shanghai Yidian, Wang Rihua, Director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association, and representatives from design colleges in Shanghai attended the launching ceremony.

Featured with Sustainable Innovative Design and Interdisciplinary, Shanghai D&I will emphasize smart sustainable design facing industrial transformation and city life in its discipline development, Shanghai D&I is determined to foster high level design talents in service of local economy and social development, speeding up China’s design driven innovation strategy as well as advancing building world-class university and first-class subjects.

Shanghai D&I will introduce world-class international interdisciplinary education and research resource in service of fostering students in the field of International Design Business Management (Master of Design), Collaborative Industrial Design (MSc in Industrial Design Engineering) and Creative Sustainability (MFA). There will be 90 seats available for students in these three programs as listed in 2017 fall, 1/3 of which would be open for international students. Students who fulfill all the degree requirements will get degrees both from Tongji University and Aalto University as well as Shanghai D&I diploma upon graduation. Meanwhile, Shanghai D&I will provide undergraduate Minor program in industrial design.

Tongji University and Aalto University have been working on the teaching programs and curriculums of Shanghai D&I. In addition, Shanghai D&I will welcome more top universities in the field of design and innovation.

Before the launching ceremony, Weng Tiehui, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipality, met Tuula Teeri, Hannu Seristö, Pei Gang and Jiang Bo. In the discussion, Weng Tiehui expressed her expectation of Shanghai D&I. Shanghai is now actively transforming its growth pattern; the proportion of the Creative Industry in GDP in Shanghai has been more than 14%, which will become more significant for the economy development in the future. Shanghai Municipality is willing to strengthen the collaboration with Aalto University, supporting talents education in related areas.


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