Tongji-MIT City Science Lab @ Shanghai

City Science Lab @ Shanghai in collaboration with MIT Media Lab harbors the aspiration of transforming insights and techniques originated from MIT Media Lab into remarkably innovative values in China. This lab gathers research scientists, urban designers, and entrepreneurs to create sustainable, livable, and entrepreneurial communities by leveraging quantitative simulations and analysis beyond the urban interface.



Lab Director:

SUN Xiaohua

Jarmo Suominen



GUO Weiwei


Research Projects:

NICE 2035 - Quantitative Urban Research

This urban research delegates to leverage quantitative methods to aggregate and analyze data captured from Wi-Fi probes, HD camera, mobile apps and urban intervention to unveil the patterns and correlations beyond Living lane.


NICE 2035 - Social Impact Analysis

This media analysis project aims at quantifying the social impact of NICE 2035 project. We are tracing NICE 2035 project in social media, news media and academic disciplines, building a social correlation graph. Then we will extract features of information flow and imply data mining and machine learning methods to build a quantitative model. Along with the quantitative urban research, we will provide insights for the sustainable development of NICE 2035 project.


NICE 2035 - Community Service Robot

This project focus on building service robots as a new way of urban intervention. Through mining the resident’s demands, we will design and build intelligent robots to provide new services or spark collective creativity inside the Livingline street. This project will create chances for residents to participant actively in the community development, and also provide a new perspective for the quantitative analysis and research.


Interactive Immersive Visualization of City Data

This project focus on designing new methods of visualizing and interacting with city data in immersive media such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The aim is to provide immersive and natural experience of perceiving and manipulating data. We will integrate machine learning algorithm to allow users explore and understand high-level city date according to their preferences. Also, we will explore new technologies such as WebVR and mobile AR to increase the accessibility of information.



CityScope Livingline Table

CityScope Livingline Table is a tangible and digital platform, designed and developed by City Science researchers from MIT Media Lab and Tongji University  to quantify and simulate heterogenous urban interventions in the Livingline street.



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