Chinese Cultural Center,Tongji University

Center Director: Ying Yu, associate professor, email address:

Center Introduction: The Chinese Culture Center of Tongji University aims to present Chinese culture via various channels including education, publication, television, Internet, exhibition, in order to promote exchanges and cooperation between the arts, humanities, science and engineering subjects. The center has three labs: the Eastern and Western Culture Lab, the Chinese Culture Experience and Design Research Lab and the Kuang Yi Culture Experience Lab.

Major Research Directions: Cultural Experience and Design, Cultural and Creative Industry and Public Diplomacy Research, Design Strategy and Research (Rehabilitation and Nursing Service System, Design and Strategy of Medical and Health Care)


Existing Research Projects:

1. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Project "Research on Creative Design Postgraduate Cultivating Pattern Optimization with the aim of 'Chinese Cultural Promotion and Innovation'"

2. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Project "Shanghai 'Chinese Cultural Experience and Design' Postgraduate Summer School, 2015"

3. Office of Chinese Language Council International Project "Cultural Experience Project for Tongji-Carleton Students"

4. National Key Technology R&D Program Topic "Technology Research and Development and Application Demonstration of Education Resource Centers Based on Advanced Computing and Cloud Synchronization Areas"

5. Youth Fund Project for the Humanities and Social Science, Research Projects for the Ministry of Education "Analysis of the Roles and Functions of Art and Design Education in the Cultural and Creative Industry - Case Study of Advanced Experience of University of Arts London in Design Education"



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