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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

     1. Intruduction

     Based on the concept of "design-driven innovation", this direction mainly cultivates "intelligent and sustainable design for industrial transformation and future life", masters the concepts of "design +", "Internet +", etc., and combines the application of Tongji University's advantageous subject industries "T-type" innovation and entrepreneurial leading talents to better serve and lead the era of the global knowledge network, and the development of a people-oriented, sustainable, innovative society and industry.

    2. Periods of Study

      The schooling period is 3 years, including 1.5-2 years of courses, and no less than 1 year of graduation design work. The       maximum length of study in school is not more than 5 years.    3. Coursework Requirements     The direction of innovation design and entrepreneurship should be at least 34 total credits, including no less than 5 credits      for public degree courses, no less than 14 credits for professional degree courses (including 2 credits for public degree courses), and no less than 12 credits for non-degree courses (including 2 credits for public non-degree courses), and no less than 3 credits for compulsory links.     4. Coursework

Curriculum for 2019 Master students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship



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