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Product Service System Design

      1. Introduction

     Product-Service Systems stand on business models that shift the focus from selling products to selling their performance moving the accent from Products to Values.

    A well-designed PSS can provide competitive advantages and can contribute to the dematerialization of the society, with substantial environmental benefits.

    Designers suitable for PSS Design have a systematic mindset, able to conceive complex systems where not only the design of the single elements is important (products, furniture, interior and technical components, etc.), but also the relationships between them and how products enter the system of market, community and everyday life.

      2. Program Duration

      The schooling period is 3 years, including 1.5-2 years of courses, and no less than 1 year of graduation design work.The maximum length of study in school is not more than 5 year.


      3. Credit

Students should complete at least 50 credits in course study and practice, with 9 credits for common degree courses, at least 41 credits for professional courses and professional practice, the 41 credits including professional degree courses with 17credits, non-degree courses with at least 6 credits, and 18 credits for professional practice.

      4. Coursework




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