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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

   1. Introduction

Based on the concept of "Design driven innovation" and "industry-transform & future-life" oriented Smart sustaiable design, this Master program aims to cultivate the T-shaped leading talents who understand the concept of "Design +", "Internet +" and could integrate the knowledge from other advantageous disciplines of Tongji University, to better serve the global knowledge network era and the social and industrial development of human-centeredness, sustainability and innovation.

2. Periods of Study

1)  A regular Master takes 2.5 years, in which 1-1.5 years for course learning, thesis work should be not less than 1 year. Length of schooling extends to 3 years if the student participates the double-degree Master program. The duration of a Master study should not more than 4 years.

2) The master studies include course study, professional practice, thesis project.


3.  Coursework Requirements

Graduate students from Innovation and Entrepreneurship should take at least 42 credits, including no less than 7 public degree course credits, no less than 17 credits of professional degree courses, non-degree course of no less than 8 credits (no less than 2 credits in interdisciplinary courses), and compulsory subject of 10 or more credits.

Mutual credits recognition rules apply to students participating double-degree Master program shall be determined specifically according to specific agreement.

4. Curriculum

Curriculum for 2019 Master students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship



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