New Center for Fashion Design & Innovation

FINE Center is a scientific research center combines high-level culture, education, production and research led by national-level oversea s scholars.  It’s predecessor was the “Contemporary Jewelry and Culture Center - NoCC”founded in 2016.  It is a leading multi-functional international and domestic collaborative development platform with the context of "big fashion" and the driving force of design and art, focusing on research, practice, and planning management of current and future quality lifestyles and other related topics, guided by "Creative Leadership".

FINE Center conveys an innovative possibilities to explore the intersection of society,art,design,business and fashion. Relying on the resource platform of Tongji University of Design and Innovation and Shanghai international University of Design and Innovation for scientific research and development, collaborate with various innovation laboratories and other teaching practice bases, actively expand cooperation with other high-end cultural, educational, production, and research institutions,and successfully completed a series of international projects with important influence.

In 2018, completed the international exhibition program”China - Swiss top Universities Design Exchange Exhibition”/ “WoSoF first Global Fashion and Jewelry Innovation Design Forum ”;In 2019, “New York Design week Exhibition”;In 2020, awarded the honorary title of “FASHION 100+” In Shanghai,and we had invited over 50 international/ domestic scholars more than 20 nations to take participate in lectures, workshops, forums , over 600 international artists and designers from more than 34 nations to take participate in exhibitions and publications,included “SPRITS OF HOLLAND” international contemporary jewelry exhibition and “POP-UP GALLERY” exhibition;In 2022, it was awarded the only “ Pursuer of Excellence in Sustainability Institute”(Jointly issued by China National Garment Association - CNGA and China National Textile And Apparel Council - CNTAC)


 In 2023,Fine center has made a major adjustment of the module: Comprehensive“Big”fashion innovation; Exchange and research of fashion and innovative cultural; New fashion management(brand); Fashion education innovation; Research on innovative products (Sustainable/Healthy,.etc); Fashion and high-tech linkage;Fashion government/commercial projects and other sections.


Center Director:J.SUN(Tenured professor of TONGJI)

Operation supervisor: Trista Liu      E:  



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