Genealogy of Design History Research Lab

Supervisor: Lisha Ren, associate professor, member of UK Design History Society, email address:

Lab Introduction: TheGenealogy of Design History Research Lab focuses on the development of design history and material culture, especially typology research on the development of contemporary design and dynamic research into design history based on data mining.

Major Research Directions: Modern Design History, History Genealogy, Dynamic Research on Design History


Existing Research Projects:

1.       Youth Science Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation China "Generative Mechanism of Urban Pedestrian Bridge Architectural Morphology Based on Typology"

2.       Interdisciplinary Project on Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities "Bridge Structure Modeling Method Based on Industrial Design Syntax"

3.       Training Program for Outstanding Young Teachers of Tongji University "Research on Feminism in the History of Modern Design"

4.       Youth Foundation for Liberal Arts of Tongji University "Genealogy Outline for Development of Modern Design"

5.       2015-2016 School-Enterprise Cooperation Framework with Haier



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