Assistant Professor


Sustainable Development Economics

Innovative Design Competitiveness

Sustainable Design



Sustainable Thinking

Theories and Research Methods of Sustainable Development

Strategy and Management of Design


Academic and social Post

Researcher in Tongji University sustainable development and new-type urbanization think tank

Vice dean of Tongji University researcher center of innovative design competitiveness


Education Background

2011/9-2016/3  PhD of Economics, Tongji University

2012/9-2014/1  Master of Financial Services, University of Limerick


Work Experience

2018/1-Now  Assistant Professor Tongji University College of Design and Innovation

2016/4-2018/1 Post Doctor Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai College of Economics and Management



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[4]  Zhang, S., Liu, B. B., Zhu, D. J., Cheng, M. W.*, 2018. Explaining individual subjective well-being of urban China based on the four-capital model[J]. Sustainability, 10(10), doi:10.3390/su10103480.

[5]    Zhang, S., Shi, Q. H., Cheng, M. W.*, 2017. Renewable natural capital, the Biocapacity, and subjective well-being[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 150, 277-286.

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Email   zhangshuaiboshi@tongji.edu.cn

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